The application of aluminum in construction

by:Zeyi     2021-07-18
Aluminum has been widely used in various fields. In the design of various products, aluminum is a very high-quality raw material because it has the characteristics of very light weight, corrosion resistance and easy processing. It is precisely because of these characteristics that aluminum products have the advantages of lightness and long-term corrosion resistance.  In the architectural environment, its applicability is stronger: whether it is made into anodized aluminum coils or pre-rolled aluminum as exterior wall materials, it is the best choice for building roofing and interior and exterior decoration. Its special advantages provide it with a broad market space. Here, let me talk about the advantages of anodized aluminum coil:   1, strong metal texture, decorative surface;   2, stable process, consistent color and gloss;   3, high strength and hardness (hardness after anodization can be greater than glass), Good flatness, easy to process;   4, has the characteristics of anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion, anti-ultraviolet, strong weather resistance, no discoloration, no chalking, no peeling, and durability;   5, heat resistance, high fire rating (after anodizing After that, the melting point can be greatly increased);   6, high abrasion resistance, up to 250-500kg/mm2;   7, good insulation, breakdown voltage up to 2000V;   8, high self-cleaning, the surface is not easy to accumulate dust, maintenance And the cleaning cost is low;   9, it is an environmentally friendly product, which will not cause harm to the air and human body during production, processing and installation;   10, high recycling rate, the anodized aluminum plate can be recycled, and the anodic oxide film will not affect the recycling.
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