The application of aluminum templates is becoming more and more extensive

by:Zeyi     2021-06-28
The building template is an important tool in the construction of concrete structures. In developed countries, due to its high technical innovation requirements for building templates, the templates used are all materials with good quality and good durability. The industrialized assembly line is used for production and a complete set of molds with high processing accuracy; template and its supporting system It adopts electronic technology; the template installation implements professional construction, which is designed, manufactured and installed by a professional construction team or a template manufacturer. Our country is no exception. Through external introduction and self-development, many new forms and their supporting technologies have been promoted and applied. In the 21st century, my country is increasingly inclined to the application of aluminum formwork. Aluminum formwork technology is not only in line with the current implementation of our country. Green construction policy. Moreover, the advantages of aluminum templates compared with traditional templates are mainly manifested in the following aspects.   One, light weight, high rigidity. Data analysis: The bending strength of aluminum alloy is three times that of ordinary steel. The weight of the aluminum formwork for construction is 24kg-5% per square meter, which is the lightest of the existing metal building formwork, and there is no need to use hoisting and other mechanical equipment during the construction process.   2. Various specifications and models are complete, with high precision. The construction drawings are designed and formed at one time, the structure and construction are strict, the error is very small, and the accuracy is high. It is very suitable for standard high-rise buildings, super high-rise buildings and multiple buildings of the same family.   Three, assembling and disassembling, simple and easy to learn. It overcomes the difficulties of assembling and disassembling traditional templates, and does not rely on template technical workers with long-term experience. After one hour of simple training, ordinary employees can work independently, saving labor costs for the company.   Fourth, the number of recycles is large, and the average cost is low. All accessories of the aluminum formwork system can be reused. Under normal use and standardized construction, the aluminum formwork can be recycled more than 300 times, and the average apportioned use cost is correspondingly lower. The wooden formwork has only a few turnovers, and the steel formwork only has dozens of turnovers.   5. Wide application range and strong carrying capacity. The precisely designed formwork system made of aluminum is suitable for all building components, such as load-bearing walls, columns, beams, floor slabs, stairs and balconies, etc., and can be completed by cement casting, so that such buildings can have quality assurance and accuracy The dimensional tolerance of the aluminum formwork is allowed to be evenly distributed and can withstand the lateral pressure of the concrete, which can reach the standard of the steel formwork. The load bearing capacity of 60KN/㎡ per square meter will not be damaged.   Six. The construction effect is of good quality and free of approval. The concrete poured with aluminum formwork can meet the technical requirements of finishes and clean water. The flatness and smoothness of the concrete surface are unmatched by other types of formwork. It can reduce swaying or even no need for swaying. It can be decorated after capping, and It can be built on one side and decorated on the other side. Therefore, it not only saves the approval cost, but also speeds up the construction schedule and shortens the overall construction period.   Seven. High construction efficiency and short construction period. The aluminum alloy building template is a quick-release mold system. According to different climatic conditions, the mold can be demolished in 18-36 hours, so only one layer of aluminum template plus three layers of single support is required to meet the use, which can maximize the engineering assembly , Demolition construction speed, normal construction can reach 4 days for one floor, thus greatly shortening the construction period, saving management costs for the construction unit, and shortening the development cycle for real estate developers.   8. High recovery rate and large residual value. The recovery rate of aluminum templates is 400 yuan per square meter, and the residual value is very high. Its recovery value is several times that of all-steel templates. It should be pointed out that there are still many unavoidable problems and difficulties in the promotion and application of aluminum templates, such as people's concepts of use, the acceptance of market entities, relatively high one-time investment, and the production of aluminum templates. Unreasonable, uneven issues, etc.   Therefore, to promote the application of aluminum instead of steel and aluminum instead of wood at the construction site, it is necessary to do in-depth and meticulous work in terms of top-level promotion, strengthening of publicity, conversion of ideas, and compliance with the development of the situation. Because the use of aluminum formwork will be an innovation in construction technology and a major advancement in green construction.
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