The application scope and development history of curtain wall aluminum veneer

by:Zeyi     2021-11-14
The curtain wall aluminum panel has a unique structure, rich color, long-lasting, and diversified appearance, which is perfectly combined with glass curtain wall materials and stone curtain wall materials. Home decoration aluminum is made of aluminum panels on both sides, with a honeycomb aluminum core in the middle. The density of aluminum honeycomb cores on the market is usually 5*0.03 (5 is the side length of the honeycomb core, 0.03 is the thickness of the honeycomb core, the smaller the side length, the higher the density, the greater the thickness, and the higher the strength). Compared with the two materials, the functions of the two materials are the same. The PVC board is more heavy and cost-effective, while the honeycomb board has a higher environmental protection factor, but its processing is complicated and the cost is high. At present, all-aluminum household consumers can generally accept these two materials. All-aluminum household aluminum panels on both sides, the PVC core filled in the middle of the PVC panels on the market, usually have a density value of about 1.4-1.8 (the smaller the density value, the better the quality). Products made of top ten brands of aluminum and other alloy elements. Usually it is processed into castings, forgings, foils, plates, strips, tubes, rods, profiles, etc., and then cold bending, sawing, drilling, assembling, coloring and other processes. The main metal element is aluminum, and some alloying elements are added to improve the performance of aluminum. With its perfect appearance and excellent quality, it is deeply favored by the owners. Its weight is only one-fifth of marble and one-third of glass curtain wall, which greatly reduces the load of building structure and foundation, low maintenance cost and high cost performance. Below, I will share with you the application scope and development history of curtain wall aluminum veneer, and I hope it will be helpful to you. First, the aluminum curtain wall treatment process can be divided into two methods, one is anodizing treatment, and the other is electrostatic spraying. The anodized oxide film is usually 12 or more. The colors of bronze and white are only monotonous. The more serious disadvantage is that the color depth of each aluminum plate surface changes, and multiple pieces together form a curtain wall panel. The overall effect is very ugly . This main shortcoming can be said that the company cannot eliminate it. It is not caused by the development of social production management technology. It is because the aluminum plate is not made of batch numbers, and there are small differences in chemical composition. In addition, the current density of the electrolytic bath during oxidation is added. The factors can not be realized completely different, so the color after oxidation can be significantly different, and the effect may not be obvious from a single sheet, if they are all arranged together, it is very obvious. Therefore, the surface information processing of the aluminum plate of the aluminum plate curtain wall must not be anodized. Curtain wall aluminum veneer is usually 24 mm aluminum plate. When the finished wall panel, for the design requirements of secondary sheet metal processing, direct folding and corner welding use the high-pressure groove-shaped adhesive welding method of the stud back wall to retain the reinforcement mounting bolts . After finishing the sheet metal workpiece, and then spraying fluorocarbon paint, usually three coats and two coats, with a film thickness of 3040 meters. Aluminum veneer is easier to process into a curved hem or sharp, which can adapt to the endless variety of exterior decorations and rich colors, and can be designed according to the owner of any color choice, which broadens the real meaning of the architect's design Space above. Another method for surface information processing of curtain wall aluminum veneer is electrostatic spraying. Spraying is divided into powder spraying and liquid spraying. Powder spraying technology materials are mainly: polyurethane, swelling resin, epoxy resin and other raw materials are matched with high color retention pigments, and a spray powder with dozens of different product colors can be obtained. Powder-sprayed foam, impact resistance and friction, impact less than 50kg, aluminum plate deformation, spray layer without cracks, no drip layer intact, resistant to dilute acid and mortar. The shortcomings of long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays, it is easy to produce yin and yang color difference after a few years.. Domestic Many manufacturers’ powder spray foams vary greatly in weight. Some powder spray foams containing gold chips are hung on the wall. With the change of the sun angle, the change of day and night, the color depth of the wall is different. , Choosing powder spraying materials will attract attention.. At present, the construction industry has become a consumption hotspot and an important economic growth point in China. Domestic demand will grow steadily. Driven by the renovation of old cities and the construction of new cities across the country, the total aluminum curtain wall market will continue to maintain an overall growth trend.
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