The area of u200bu200bthe door and window industry rules

by:Zeyi     2021-09-30
The price calculation method of doors and windows is based on area, that is, length multiplied by height. Each industry has its own rules. Doors and windows are no exception. Doors and windows are manufactured by manufacturers who purchase branded door and window profiles and then process them according to the customer's size. The area of u200bu200bthe door and window industry rules: the calculation method of the price of a single door and window is not to calculate the price of a single door and window, that is, long multiplying high, each industry has its own rules, doors and windows are no exception, doors and windows are brand door and window profiles purchased by manufacturers Then it is processed and manufactured according to the customer's size. The area of u200bu200bthe door and window industry rules says: Not a few single windows or some windows with less than 1.5 square meters are calculated according to 1.5 square meters. This has become a delineation for people in this industry. Why do you want to calculate this way, because individual windows are small. The loss of windows less than 1.5 square meters is relatively large, that is, to make a small window is to squander the extra material that is cut off, and the price of one ton of aluminum profile is originally very high. The price of a single window in the door and window industry is relatively high, one is that it is less square meters, and the other is that the window needs to be opened and hardware is required. If a single window is made, the price is relatively high. If it is a balcony, the individual area is more than ten. With less square meters, only 2-3 windows can be opened, and overall, the average price is lower.
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