The assembly method of aluminum frame

by:Zeyi     2021-05-31
profile frame is a customized frame made of aluminum profile and used on equipment base, equipment support, or equipment protection cover. The assembly of aluminum profile frame is mainly to connect aluminum profile and aluminum profile accessories. Let’s learn about the assembly method of industrial aluminum profile profile frame together? Simple industrial aluminum profile frame assembly method is also very simple, generally used Hexagon socket bolts can be used for connection, or corner fittings can be used for connection, or a combination of hexagon socket bolts and corner fittings can be used to strengthen structural stability. Complex industrial aluminum profile racks, such as cable racks, equipment cabinets, hoods, etc., will be connected by bolts. In fact, the assembly method of the seemingly complex aluminum frame is not complicated, but if the load-bearing capacity is relatively large, such as the rack used in large-scale production line equipment, the structural stability requirements are extremely high, and the load-bearing capacity is generally above tonnage. The connection method used here generally uses corner pieces, elastic fasteners, and end-face connecting plates to increase the bearing capacity of the stress points to strengthen the aluminum frame structure. The assembly method of the industrial aluminum profile frame is the ones introduced above. Metal Products Co., Ltd. has focused on the custom processing of industrial aluminum profile profile for 16 years. Welcome to consult!
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