The balcony is not sealed, the aluminum industry tells you!

by:Zeyi     2021-06-26
If we have a big balcony, the first thing we need to think about is to seal the balcony or not to seal it? If it is sealed, what issues should be paid attention to? Now I will talk to you~~   One, after the balcony is safely sealed, there will be more houses A layer of protection. When the public security does not reach the level of non-closed households at night, an additional layer of protection will set up a barrier for criminals and play a preventive role. More importantly: For families with small babies or underage children, sealing the balcony is also an extra layer of protection, allowing your children to add a safe space.  Second, energy saving   can create a comfortable life that is warm in winter and cool in summer. In summer, you can resist the hot air from the outside and prevent the outflow of indoor air-conditioning, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly; in winter, it can be kept warm. The indoor temperature can be higher than the outside temperature, which reduces the temperature of the air conditioner and saves electricity.  三. Sanitary   After the balcony is closed, there is an additional layer of dust blocking barrier, which is beneficial to block the invasion of sand, dust, and rain, reduce noise, and create a quiet and clean living space for you.  Four. Dry and dry clean   The sashes of the balcony window can be opened in whole or in part, and you can choose according to the weather. The clothes on the sealed balcony window are clean, just wash the clothes and dry them, hang them on the drying rack on the drying table, or dry them naturally.  5. Lazy Welfare   When thundering and raining to collect clothes, this is a word of mouth. The news once reported that a car owner had an accident on the way home in a rainy day. If his balcony was sealed, I believe this disaster would not happen. It is also a welfare for lazy people!    Six, open the design road After the balcony is closed, the indoor space can be integrated by removing the doors and windows, which is conducive to overall consideration in the design. Especially in the design of irregular rooms, the form of sealing the balcony should be adopted to carry out the overall design of the irregular space. !    Seven. The use of expanded practical area. In the case of relatively tight living conditions, the enclosed balcony can be used as a space for writing and reading, storage of goods, fitness exercises, or as a leisure space for living, etc. Compared with the unsealed balcony, the forms of utilization are more diverse, increasing the use area of u200bu200bthe room. Precautions for sealing the balcony 1. The selected profiles (plastic steel, high-grade aluminum alloy, color steel) must be products that meet the national standards, and have no deformation, damage, or inferior points. The hardware accessories should also be the same;   2, before installation, The dirt and residues around the balcony must be cleaned up, and the original handrails of the balcony must be removed or sealed;    3. The size of the windows and doors should be smaller than the original balcony, especially the bottom of the window, with a spacing of 2 cm, using elastic mineral wool strips Or filled with special sealed foaming agent. It can not only prevent the window frame from being deformed by the change of heat and cold, but also prevent rainwater leakage;   4. After filling the window frame around, make a waterproof layer, and paste the finish after it dries, but can not block the overflow hole; 5. Fasteners for installation must use special screws, and the window frame must be kept vertical and horizontal, and the error cannot exceed 0.3 mm;    6. After installation, there is no resistance to opening or moving doors and windows.
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