The basic types of aluminum and aluminum alloy corrosion

by:Zeyi     2021-07-27
The basic types of corrosion of aluminum and aluminum alloys are corrosion, uniform corrosion, crevice corrosion and stress corrosion cracking, etc. The specific analysis is as follows: 1. Pitting corrosion: Pitting corrosion is also called pitting corrosion, which produces pinpoint, point and A localized form of pore-like corrosion. Pitting corrosion is a unique form of anode reaction. It is an autocatalytic process, that is, the conditions created by the corrosion process in the pitting pores both promote and are sufficient to maintain the continued corrosion.  2. Uniform corrosion: In the solution of phosphoric acid and sodium hydroxide, the oxide film on aluminum will dissolve, causing uniform corrosion, and the dissolution rate is also uniform. As the temperature of the solution increases, the solute concentration increases, which promotes the corrosion of aluminum.   3. Crevice corrosion: Crevice corrosion is a kind of local corrosion. Metal parts in the electrolyte solution, due to the formation of gaps between metal and metal or metal and non-metal, the width is sufficient to immerse the medium and the medium is in a stagnant state, which makes the corrosion in the crevice aggravated is called crevice corrosion.  4. Stress corrosion cracking (SCC): SCC of aluminum alloy was discovered in the early 1930s. A kind of destruction of metal under the combined action of stress (tensile stress or internal stress) and corrosive medium is called SCC. SCC is characterized by the formation of corrosion-mechanical cracks, which can either develop along the grain boundaries or extend through the grains. Since the crack propagation is inside the metal, the strength of the metal structure will be greatly reduced, and sudden damage will occur in severe cases. SCC only occurs under certain conditions, they are: certain tensile stress or residual stress inside the metal.
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