The benefits of industrial aluminum profile processing trial mold

by:Zeyi     2021-08-18
A process that needs to be passed through when industrial aluminum profile is processed is extrusion. Trial mold is a necessary operation for industrial aluminum profile extrusion. So what are the advantages of industrial aluminum profile profile trial mold? Let's take a look at it together. The advantages of industrial aluminum profile processing test molds: 1. In order to extend the processing operation time, the oil temperature of the hydraulic oil needs to be preheated to stabilize the melt temperature. 2. In order to adjust the operation of the extruder, usually aluminum products have a certain shrinkage rate. Adjust the extruder by referring to the larger and smaller values u200bu200bof the product size. If the value deviation is too large, you can adjust the size of the gate. To operate. 3. The size deviation of each cavity can be corrected. If the size of the cavity and the door can be adjusted properly, you can modify it by adjusting the filling rate of the aluminum extrusion press or the temperature of the mold, and check the cavity Has the filling speed kept up? 4. Check whether the position of the mold cavity or mold center has moved. You can also check whether the mold filling rate is uniform and the mold temperature is constant. If there is any abnormal change, it should be modified in time. Therefore, it is very necessary for the staff to test the aluminum profile when processing and extruding the industrial aluminum profile. In addition, it is also necessary to frequently check the working conditions of the aluminum extrusion press, mainly to check whether the oil pump, valves and temperature control parts of the extruder are abnormal. If the extruder fails, even if the mold can be used normally, it will affect the overall work efficiency.
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