The best method of aluminum surface treatment-wire drawing process

by:Zeyi     2021-06-30
The wire drawing process is a new type of aluminum surface treatment process. It mainly uses aluminum and aluminum plates as the base material. The wire drawing wheel, wire drawing abrasive belt or nylon ring belt is used to draw the required texture on the surface. It is made of a variety of chemical treatments such as roller coating, and has the characteristics of bright, uniform surface color, strong sense of fashion, and strong visual impact.   wire-drawing process is also called rubbing, which is similar to the car pattern. They all form a smooth continuous pattern on the surface. The difference is that the car pattern is a circular pattern and the rubbing pattern is a straight line pattern.  Wire drawing process product introduction  The wire drawing equipment used in the wire drawing process, the wire drawing machine is suitable for all kinds of aluminum, metal, and other flat wire drawing treatments. The surface treatment method is an excellent grinding and polishing treatment method. The silk drawing process has clear and obvious silk patterns, long straight silk and snowflake silk can be used. The thickness of the wire drawing abrasive belt is: 40#\60#\80#\100#\120#\150#\180#\240#\320#\400#\600#\800# etc.  Wire drawing process product advantage  After the wire drawing process, the surface of the workpiece shows a clear straight hairline pattern, the surface of the workpiece is flat and smooth, the visual effect is good, the workpiece is beautiful, and the workpiece is more high-end. Especially after wire drawing and then oxidation treatment, the added value of the product is greatly improved. Make products more competitive in the market.  Wire-drawing process application range  Any flat material that requires silk-grain on the surface of the workpiece can be completed with this equipment. It has a wide range of applications, mainly used in: aluminum alloy craft factory, stainless steel craft factory, copper craft factory, VCD factory, speaker factory, chassis, cabinet, lock surface and heat sink and other panel surface drawing treatment.   In addition to the wire drawing process, common aluminum surface treatment methods include metal plating methods, oxidation (coloring), sandblasting and polishing.
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