The choice of sun room profile is the top priority

by:Zeyi     2021-06-02
With the continuous improvement of people's economic level, they pay more attention to the quality of life. Therefore, choosing to build a sun room has become a choice of many people. But everyone should know that the choice of sun room materials is the top priority of the sun room. As long as you choose the right one, you can truly enjoy the quality of life you yearn for. At present, in the popular sun rooms in my country, the frame structures used are usually divided into: steel structure sun rooms, wood structure sun rooms, steel structure sun rooms have good compressive performance, and its high stability determines that it can also be applied to different buildings. Things. But what we should pay attention to is that steel profiles are easy to rust, especially at the welding joints, which invisibly reduces the load-bearing capacity of the steel frame, and it will bring serious safety hazards after a long time of use.  Wooden structure sun room can be divided into pure wood structure and aluminum wood structure. Both are sun rooms constructed by natural wood pillars and beams after anti-corrosion treatment. It is mostly used outdoors and is suitable for use under various natural conditions. At the same time, the wood has been manually processed many times, clean, odorless, does not pollute the environment, and is harmless to the human body. It is an ideal profile for building a sun room. However, due to long-term rain corrosion and sun exposure, the sun room is unbearable for ordinary wood. The wood of the wooden sun room is mostly high-grade wood species, most of which need to be imported. Compared with other sun rooms, the cost is relatively high and it is difficult to popularize.  Broken bridge aluminum conservatory compared with steel structure conservatory, the broken bridge aluminum profile has the advantages of long-term use, such as no rust, good heat insulation, convenient construction and orderly drainage. It can ensure the safety of users even if used for a long time. The wind sensor, rain sensor and temperature sensor can also be connected with an external electric sunshade system and electric sunroof, which can realize intelligent operation in minutes. The sun room of the broken bridge aluminum structure is currently widely used, and it is also a kind of sun room profile that is popular among Chinese people. Of course, in addition to the above three common structures, there are also color steel structure, De high tile roof structure, etc., consumers can choose according to their own hobbies and actual needs. In the inspection of sun room glass, the appearance quality mainly checks the flatness, and observes whether there are quality defects such as bubbles, scratches, and fog spots. The glass with such defects will be deformed during use, reducing the transparency, mechanical strength and Thermal stability of glass. A good sun room should not only be selected in terms of materials, but also the workmanship should be made by professionals. The quality of a sun room depends on whether the frame is horizontal and vertical, and whether the joints of the profiles are large or small. The seal is still glued, and whether the glue is missing. The large daylighting area is conducive to the large-scale entry of light and achieves the brightness of the indoor light, which highlights the spaciousness of the room and gives people a sense of openness. Decorating a sun room and choosing furniture and decorations is also a crucial step, because they need to be exposed to the sun for a long time.  Sunrooms are generally transformed from terraces or balconies. Some villas are covered outdoors. Natural materials and comfortable furniture are commonly used in the decoration of the sunrooms, so that the indoor and outdoor scenery can be connected to nature.
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