The competition between aluminum formwork and traditional building formwork

by:Zeyi     2021-06-28
The building template is an important tool in the construction of concrete structures. In developed countries, due to its high technical innovation requirements for building templates, the templates used are all high-quality and durable materials, and they are produced by industrialized assembly lines and are complete sets of molds with high processing accuracy. In recent years, under the advocacy of green buildings in my country, the aluminum alloy formwork market has grown rapidly and is becoming the mainstream of building construction.  Currently, the main raw materials of building formwork are as follows:   Wooden formwork for construction   Wooden formwork is relatively light, and the cost is slightly lower, but the durability is not very good, and the reuse rate is very low.  Building steel formwork   steel formwork, as the name suggests, is made of steel, which is very strong, but it is too heavy, reusable, and costly.  Building plastic template  plastic template, not afraid of water, low cost, durable, but not strong enough.  Architectural aluminum formwork  aluminum formwork has inherent advantages in stability and bearing capacity, short construction period, wide application range, few seams, high precision, low time cost, and can help construction units and workers reduce construction intensity and safety risks. The difference between aluminum formwork and other forms: Although the cost of wooden formwork and plastic formwork is low, they do not have the advantages of aluminum formwork for durability, long life, and high strength; from the perspective of long-term construction development, aluminum formwork is better;    is similar to steel formwork. Compared with aluminum, aluminum alloy is stronger, and it is not afraid of water at all, because aluminum alloy does not rust, and compared with heavy steel, aluminum alloy is much lighter, which is more conducive to the construction of construction projects.  In terms of cost, although it is made of alloy, it is still much lower than steel. At the same time, because it is completely not afraid of water and has a stronger ability to adapt to various bad environments, the service life is very considerable, and the recycling rate is also very high. It is also in line with the country's energy saving, environmental protection, low carbon, and emission reduction requirements for construction projects. Regulations.   Because of this, in recent years, aluminum formwork has been used more and more widely in our country. It not only fits our country's current policy of promoting green construction, but also circumvents the limitations of traditional formwork. At present, aluminum formwork is favored by more and more builders.
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