The competition in my country's aluminum doors and windows and curtain wall industries is becoming increasingly fierce

by:Zeyi     2021-08-14
In recent years, under the influence of various building energy-saving policies, the proportion of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly doors, windows and curtain walls is gradually increasing. Because the door, window and curtain wall industry has gradually entered a stage of maturity, the competition has become increasingly fierce, which has led to a decline in the profits of major aluminum door, window and curtain wall manufacturers. The architectural doors and windows market is also a diversified market structure dominated by the four major materials of aluminum, plastic, wood, and steel. The application of new materials and new technologies is bound to appear more new products. Compared with other industries, aluminum doors and windows and curtain wall products. If the product difference is small, the competition will be more intense. While the price of aluminum profiles continues to rise, the operating costs of enterprises continue to increase, but the market price of aluminum doors and windows is still the continuation of the price a few years ago. This strange phenomenon makes more aluminum alloy manufacturers feel complicated. The important reason is the market. Caused by fierce competition.   Although my country’s aluminum alloy industry has been developing since the late 1970s, it has a large scale and strong strength, and there is still no enterprise with a first-level qualification. The fierce competition among aluminum doors, windows and curtain wall companies is very serious. It is understood that only need to pay about 3% of the affiliation fee to a qualified formal enterprise, then the construction can be officially started. The emergence of this situation has led to the emergence of inferior engineering products, and the normal market price has been completely disrupted, or even formed. As long as the quality of the project is ensured, the embarrassing situation that companies cannot expect profits will slow the improvement of the management level of the entire industry.   At the same time, a considerable number of handcrafted workshops in major cities are active in the aluminum door and window industry. Due to the small scale of such processing sites, the uneven processing technology and product quality, and the low level of construction and installation, it has a certain impact on the overall industry. Like the guerrillas, they often shift the front line, and the entire industry is greatly affected by their ultra-low prices and low quality.
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