The development of aluminum doors and windows, curtain wall aluminum profile industry is facing three major changes

by:Zeyi     2021-06-04
With the current economic downturn, the overall market situation is not optimistic. Whether it is a large aluminum door and window, curtain wall aluminum profile company, a medium-sized firm force, or a small or micro processing plant, agent or store, they are all looking for a way out and transformation, and how to adapt This change will be a choice faced by enterprises of aluminum doors and windows and curtain wall aluminum profiles. So, what are the three major changes facing the development of aluminum doors and windows and curtain wall aluminum profiles?   With the government's overall requirements for building energy efficiency and the improvement of people's demand for quality of life, high-performance door and window profiles represented by system doors and windows, curtain wall aluminum profiles are being paid attention to by more and more producers and users.  1. Consumption change    Many people think that China's aluminum doors and windows market is weak and demand is relatively saturated. Without policies and government investment, how could the market improve. actually not. Physical chain stores are sluggish, but online promotions are booming. Furthermore, the consumption potential of the Chinese market is far from being fully tapped. The fundamental reason why the current consumer market is not strong is that consumer demand cannot be met. How can users pay for products without a good product for them? Therefore, to solve the consumption problem, the so-called supply-side reform must be integrated with the demand-side reform. Strategic relationship.  Second, seize the trend of Internet reform   The emergence and development of the Internet in the past 20 years has brought earth-shaking changes in the market. The Internet allows companies to more directly understand user needs and changes the consumption habits of the market. Many companies have stood out because they have grasped the pulse of the Internet. Of course, many companies have been eliminated because they did not adapt to this change. In the future, big data and cloud computing will play an increasingly important role in the market. If aluminum door and window companies want to win, they need to seize the trend, create changes, and lead changes in the new situation. 3. Enhancing the technological strength of enterprises The direction of technological development is uncertain, but it is certain that if aluminum doors and windows and curtain wall enterprises can integrate technological development, update their technical strength in real time, and combine them with products accordingly, it will be difficult. Imagined gains. What China's aluminum door and window industry currently lacks most is differentiated products, high-quality products and new technological products. This will also become a breakthrough direction for the entire industry in the next 5 years or even longer.   In short, under the current market situation of survival of the fittest, aluminum doors, windows, and curtain wall companies must seize the three outlets of consumption, reform, and technology, in order to adapt to changes, grasp the direction of corporate transformation and upgrade, and open up a new world.
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