The development process and advantages of aluminum veneer curtain wall in my country

by:Zeyi     2021-11-03
For a long time, 3mm aluminum veneer has been widely used as curtain wall material abroad. In order to reduce the weight of the aluminum plate and increase the strength of the aluminum plate, our country uses aluminum alloy plate. LF21 aluminum plate is often used as curtain wall aluminum plate. The thickness of the aluminum plate is reduced from 3 mm to 2.5 mm, but the strength of the alloy is about twice that of the pure aluminum plate. Since the production of architectural aluminum profiles in the early 1980s, my country's aluminum doors and windows and architectural aluminum curtain wall industries have experienced more than 20 years of development. The construction of the glass-aluminum curtain wall of the Great Wall Hotel is the first step in my country's curtain wall industry, opening a precedent for curtain wall application technology in my country. After years of development, my country's construction curtain wall industry has trained a large number of technical personnel with practical experience, and its planning and research capabilities are in the world's leading position; it has accumulated rich practical experience and its construction capabilities are among the top in the world. my country's aluminum curtain wall industry has entered a stage of sustainable, scientific and stable development, and has made great strides to the world, making its due contribution to beautifying the world's urban architecture. my country's curtain wall industry has entered a period of sustained and stable development. Reform and opening up will promote China's curtain wall industry to the world. The curtain wall not only adopts extruded profiles, but also increasingly adopts new building materials such as aluminum panels, which not only improves the energy-saving index of the building curtain wall, but also expands the use range of the building curtain wall. Not only a large number of high-end extruded profiles and pipes of various specifications are used, but the amount of aluminum veneer, aluminum composite panel, and honeycomb aluminum panel is also increasing. Aluminum veneer: Most curtain walls are aluminum veneer. Aluminum veneer can be pre-coated or post-coated. The pre-coating is carried out in the processing factory in the form of roller coating, and the post-coating is carried out in the special color plate factory in the form of aluminum veneer. The dimensional deviation requirements of curtain wall aluminum panels are much stricter than ordinary civil panels. The standard of ordinary aluminum panels does not require its verticality, but there are strict requirements for curtain wall aluminum panels. The allowable deviation of panel width is +3~0, and the allowable deviation of length is +6~0. Most of the curtain wall aluminum panels in developed countries are alloys of 5754 and 5052. Its mechanical properties are: allowable load strength≥99n/m㎡, tensile strength rm220n/m㎡~260n/m㎡, yield strength RPO. 2≥n/m㎡, elastic modulus E≥7000n/m㎡. Since the annual growth rate of high-rise buildings is greater than that of ordinary buildings, the future growth rate of curtain wall aluminum production will be greater than that of ordinary aluminum. The surface quality requirements of curtain wall panels are also very strict, and roller printing, indentation, scratches, etc. are not allowed. The main advantages and characteristics of aluminum veneer curtain wall are: light weight, high strength, high rigidity, strong corrosion resistance, no light pollution, no exhaust gas generation, strong fire resistance (non-combustion products), long service life, rich and bright colors, decoration The effect is good, the weather resistance is strong, the coating can prevent water seepage, and it is easy to process and shape, so that the appearance of the building has a perfect geometric appearance.
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