The difference between aluminum formwork and wood formwork

by:Zeyi     2021-06-28
In recent years, aluminum alloy formwork has been rapidly popularized in China, and large-scale real estate companies such as Vanke and China Shipping and large-scale construction companies are promoting their use. In the past, wooden templates were used for templates, but now most of them are aluminum templates. Then, the difference between aluminum and wooden templates are:  Wood template: it consumes forest resources, cannot be energy-saving and environmentally friendly, has no recycling rate, short application duration, and potential safety hazards It is lower than the new aluminum alloy template, and cannot be assembled once in place and once poured, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive and complicated.  Wood formwork is composed of panels and supporting systems. The panel is responsible for forming the concrete; the support system is responsible for stabilizing the position of the panel and bearing the upper load. Wood formwork has a history in building formwork, which has witnessed the prosperity and development of many cities. In addition to the price and grounding, the performance advantages are: firstly, the board surface is flat and smooth, which can be sawn, drilled, and resistant to low temperatures; secondly, the surface of the pouring object is smooth and beautiful, and will not pollute the concrete surface; in addition, it is easy to disassemble and operate. It is simple, the project progresses quickly, and it can also be made into a curved flat template. Of course, the wooden formwork also has many shortcomings. In summary, there are the following points: ①. After my turnover exceeds 4 times, my body is prone to warping; if I do not use it well, the turnover will not exceed 10 times ②. I need to rely on some outsiders For example, joists and back corrugated materials are needed; ③. The skin is also bad, easy to degumming, bulging, shelling, and cracking. When re-assembling, the seam is difficult to handle; ④. The thickness tolerance is difficult to grasp, and the quality of the cutting It's also not good. You have to deal with the board surface after use.  Aluminum alloy formwork: The construction environment of aluminum alloy formwork is clean and clear, one-time pouring, reduced man-hours, high rate of return, cost saving, convenient and lightweight, safe construction, high efficiency, and long life span. There are many aluminum formwork components, which are composed of aluminum plates, support systems, fastening systems and accessory systems. The panel and support system are similar in function to the predecessor wooden formwork. The accessory system is the connecting component of the formwork, which connects the single formwork into a system to form a whole; the fastening system guarantees the structural width of the formwork, no deformation during the pouring of concrete, and no expansion or explosion of the formwork. The advantages of aluminum formwork are as follows: ①. It has inherent advantages in stability and bearing capacity, short construction period, low time cost, and can help construction units and workers reduce construction intensity and safety risks. ②. Aluminum formwork is a practitioner of environmental protection. All accessories can be reused. After the mold is demolished, there is no garbage on site, and the construction environment is safe, clean and tidy; the life span is up to 200 times, and the recycling value is up to 90% of the price of aluminum ingots. %. ③Energy saving, emission reduction, low carbon and environmental protection. For a long time, you may have misunderstood that the one-time investment of aluminum formwork is high, so it is generally used more in buildings with a large number of standard floors. In fact, if you don't just pay attention to the large investment in the early stage, the investment in the later stage is actually very small, and the return value is still high?
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