The difference between aluminum profile CNC machining and ordinary CNC machining

by:Zeyi     2021-06-17
Speaking of aluminum profile CNC processing, I believe that many customers are familiar with it, but how to distinguish aluminum profile CNC processing from other material CNC processing is more difficult. In fact, aluminum CNC processing is still different from other material CNC processing. Today Let's take a look at the characteristics of aluminum profile CNC machining. First of all, CNC machining centers (CNC machine tools) are different. In order to adapt to the characteristics of aluminum profile slender parts, aluminum profile machining centers are mostly narrow and long. The width does not exceed 500mm; the length is 6500mm to 7000mm, which is suitable for typical 6-meter profile processing. The maximum speed of the main shaft of a machining center is generally below 8000rpm; the maximum speed of the shaft can reach or even exceed 18000rpm. Different processing methods Aluminum profiles generally require several processing methods such as milling, drilling, and tapping, while processing methods such as milling plane/curved surface, countersinking, and boring are rarely used. As a manufacturer of aluminum profiles for 16 years, it also has its own aluminum profile deep processing workshop. Generally, our deep-processed products are punching and tapping, and more grooves are milled. If you have any questions, please consult!
How to open mold for aluminum alloy profile
Aluminum alloy profile, also known as aluminum profile, is made from aluminum rods after heating and extruding. profiles are widely used in all aspects of industrial production, but standard aluminum profiles alone cannot meet the needs of the industry, and special profiles appear. So how to open the mold for aluminum alloy profiles? Aluminum profile customization process? 1. Understand various parameters, such as specifications, dimensions, mechanical properties, etc. according to use requirements: 2. Issue design drawings and parameters according to use requirements: 3. Both parties confirm drawings and technical parameters No mistake; 4. Development of molds and mold accuracy testing; 5. Confirm samples; The above is a brief introduction of 'how to open molds for aluminum alloy profiles'. If you need to customize special-shaped aluminum profiles, welcome to consult. We will focus on custom processing of industrial aluminum profiles for 16 years. service!
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