The difference between aluminum profile workbench and lean tube workbench

by:Zeyi     2021-06-10
The material of the workbench used in the factory is basically divided into two types: lean tube and aluminum profile. All are modular assembly, no welding is required, and the assembly can be completed directly with the corresponding accessories, which is simple and convenient. It can be flexibly customized according to production needs to meet the needs of different use sites. So what are the differences between the aluminum profile workbench and the lean tube workbench? Let's introduce it to you. 1. The weight is different. The load-bearing range of the lean tube workbench is 500-2000kg, while the load-bearing range of the aluminum profile workbench is 500-2000kg. 2. Different structural features. The lean pipe workbench has a certain strength and load-bearing capacity, strong corrosion resistance, and light overall weight. It uses special standard pipes and joints, which will not damage the surface of the parts. The design and assembly are very simple, without welding, and can be independent. It can be combined, it is easy and quick to install, and the cost is low. It is environmentally friendly and recyclable. It is suitable for use in electronics workshops and other lightweight anti-static workshops. The aluminum profile workbench has high strength and impact resistance, abrasion resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, good insulation and appearance, no welding, easy installation and flexible matching, modular design, It can be combined separately, the cost is higher than the lean pipe, the material can be used twice, the recovery rate is high, and it can be used in anti-static workshops with strong carrying capacity. , 3. Different auxiliary materials. The lean tube workbench is generally equipped with auxiliary tools such as wires, switches, power strips, fluency strips, and manuals. However, the auxiliary tools of the aluminum profile workbench are much more than the lean tube workbench. In addition to necessary tools such as wires and switches, there will also be signs, cabinets, drawers, tool boxes, lamps, spreaders, etc. 4. The scope of application is different. The aluminum profile workbench is suitable for auto parts production workshops, aerospace equipment production workshops, military supplies workshops, automated production lines, industrial inspection lines, packaging workshops, assembly workshops, chemical industry workshops, etc. Lean tube workbench is suitable for electronic appliances, printing factories, textile factories, garment factories, pharmaceutical factories, packaging industries, plastic factories, etc. 5. The price is different. The price of lean tube aluminum profile is generally lower than that of the aluminum profile workbench, because the materials used are different, and the cost is very different. The above is the content mentioned above. If you need to customize the aluminum profile workbench, you can come to consult. Aluminum profile manufacturer for 16 years, providing drawings and design solutions, welcome to consult.
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