The difference between conventional industrial aluminum profiles and custom profiles

by:Zeyi     2021-07-11
profiles are all extruded, so they can also be called industrial aluminum profile extrusion profiles. However, because the extruded cross-section shapes are different and the heat applied is different, we often generalize them into two categories: conventional industrial aluminum profiles and open-form profiles. Although both conventional industrial aluminum profiles and open-die aluminum profiles are aluminum extrusion profiles, the same production process and raw materials have many differences. profiles 1. Conventional profiles have a fixed cross-section but the open model is not fixed; 2. The shape of the conventional profile has a certain law and size, but the open model is irregular and set according to user requirements; 3. Conventional profiles are generally silver-white and black, and the colors of the open model materials are diversified; 4. Conventional aluminum profiles are generally used as industrial frames and open models are generally used as mechanical parts or designated beams on some production lines. The application of the industrial aluminum profile in the industrial field started from the application of the mold, but with the extensive development of the application, people have found the rules and habits of use and therefore have the concept of conventional industrial aluminum. It is also easy to customize and extrude the mold material when necessary during use. The above is the introduction of conventional industrial aluminum profiles and customized profiles. If you have any questions, please contact us!
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