The difference between raw aluminum and cooked aluminum in construction

by:Zeyi     2021-08-05
Aluminum products have good heat insulation and sound insulation effects, such as heat insulation aluminum coils, curtain wall aluminum panels, aluminum alloy doors and windows, etc., are widely used in people's lives. Then, what is raw aluminum and cooked aluminum? What are the differences in the application of raw aluminum and cooked aluminum in construction?   Under normal circumstances, cooked aluminum refers to solid waste aluminum that contains all aluminum content, and basically does not contain other metal elements; raw aluminum refers to solid waste aluminum that contains a certain amount of silicon in its internal composition and has high hardness. Aluminum pipes, aluminum bars, aluminum profiles, aluminum wires, aluminum plates, aluminum foils, etc. are all deformed aluminum alloys. Scrap aluminum refers to various aluminum materials discarded into the market after use.   Because aluminum has excellent strength, it can be used to make light structural parts, and it has unique stability. Therefore, cast aluminum products are also widely used in the door and window manufacturing industry. There are now many examples of the application of cast aluminum products in the construction industry, which not only have low negative impact on the environment and the public, but also reduce construction costs.
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