The effective method of aluminum extrusion press to increase the yield

by:Zeyi     2021-06-04
In the process of producing aluminum profiles by the aluminum extrusion press, it is normal for some waste products to appear. If there is no waste at all, it is impossible, and what we can do is to minimize the production of waste products, so how can we effectively reduce the extrusion What about the waste produced by the press in the production of aluminum profiles? Today, I will tell you some production tips. I hope these tips can help you increase the yield of industrial aluminum profile profiles. 1. Reduce the proportion of residual materials, car skins, head and tail materials and other unqualified waste materials in the production process of industrial aluminum profiles. 2. Control the extruder temperature of the industrial aluminum profile production process. profile manufacturers with enough experience must know that most of the waste products are unusable waste products because of unqualified mechanical properties. 3. Control the extrusion speed of the extruder for the production of industrial aluminum profiles. 4. We must strengthen the first inspection, intermediate inspection and terminal inspection of industrial aluminum profiles. The above is an effective way to improve the productivity of aluminum extrusion presses.
What are the preparations before aluminum profile processing and production
Our preparatory work before production and processing is very important. The preparatory work can ensure the processing accuracy of aluminum profiles, reduce errors in installation, and facilitate the smooth completion of the project. The preparatory work for processing aluminum profiles What are there? 1. The aluminum processing workshop should be cleaned regularly to ensure that the workshop has a good production environment. 2. The aluminum processing machinery and equipment must be regularly checked to ensure that the processing accuracy requirements of the aluminum profile are met. 3. Before the aluminum profile is blanked, The staff must carefully check the processing diagram. 4. The aluminum profile must be re-inspected when entering the factory to check the factory certificate and origin certificate, and check the model. 5. Check whether the oxide film and powder spraying layer on the surface of the aluminum profile are intact, and whether there is any twisted, bent or deformed aluminum material, it should be calibrated before cutting. The above is the work that needs to be prepared before processing aluminum profiles. If you don't know anything, you can consult customer service!
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