The failure of industrial aluminum extrusion dies is mainly manifested in three common failure modes

by:Zeyi     2021-05-08
Due to impact fracture, plastic deformation, adhesion, premature wear and thermal cracking, narrow neck or tension, bending and other phenomena, the industrial aluminum extrusion die will experience early failure during the production process, and it will also be caused by technical problems and nitriding problems. Mold damage can also cause mold problems such as blockages, gaps, expansion, and flat openings. However, the failure of industrial aluminum extrusion die is mainly manifested in three common failure modes: wear, cracking and deformation. The main results are as follows: (1) Wear failure: During the extrusion process, the industrial aluminum profile material is in high temperature and high pressure conditions, directly impacted by the opening of the extruded material of the mold cavity, and directly touches the surface of the fixed diameter area without lubrication. , The other slides and shifts, thereby generating greater friction, causing wear and failure of the adhesive tape on the cavity surface. At the same time, during friction, some blank metal is deposited on the working surface of the mold, so that the geometry of the mold can not be used due to changes in the geometry of the mold, but the wear failure is also considered to be the performance of the dull edge, the rounded corner sink, and the concave On the surface of the groove mark, peel off the flat surface and stick the mold. The fundamental cause of wear failure is trade friction. The specific manifestation of mold wear is related to the speed of the friction development process, such as the chemical composition and mechanical system properties of the mold design material and the processed blank, the surface roughness of the mold and the blank, and the pressure and temperature during the extrusion teaching process. , Speed, etc. The wear of industrial aluminum extrusion dies is mainly thermal wear. Thermal wear is caused by the surface softening of some metal structures caused by the continuous increase of ambient temperature and the occlusion of the surface of the mold cavity. After the mold cavity is softened at high temperature, its wear resistance decreases. The thermal wear research process is also very complicated. It is obvious that temperature is the main economic factor affecting thermal wear. The higher the temperature, the more serious the thermal wear. (2) Crack failure: In actual production, the distribution of cracks in certain parts of the mold. After being used for a period of time, small cracks will appear and gradually extend to the depth. After the crack reaches a certain size, the load-bearing capacity of the mold is weakened, thereby causing the mold to break the industrial aluminum, or to heat and process the mold in situ. The mold is prone to expand during use and cracks occur respectively. The main reason is that there is no choice and design of the mold strength of the transition point radius, the pre-focused inspection and heat treatment of the manufacturing material, and the quality of the surface treatment and the influence of the surface roughness and damage during the processing. In use, pay attention to mold preheating, ingot temperature and extrusion ratio, and control the speed of metal flow and industrial aluminum profile and deformation.
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