The fire of aluminum products cannot be extinguished with water

by:Zeyi     2021-07-29
Fires are ruthless, and fire prevention takes precedence. In the face of fires, if we do not understand the types of combustibles, blindly extinguishing fires will cause the fire to spread. Some time ago, two trailers in Chongqing had a rear-end collision, causing one of the trailers full of aluminum goods to catch fire.   The command center of the fire brigade in Qianjiang District, Chongqing received an alarm. 4 fire trucks, more than 20 officers and soldiers, and full-time firefighters rushed to the scene to fight the fire.   However, during the fire extinguishing process, the cargo on the vehicle continued to bang and explode. The flame was bright white, which was different from the flames emitted by the burning of other substances. The fire could not be completely extinguished, and re-ignition continued.   When I asked the owner of the car, I learned that the car was actually made of aluminum. The aluminum product will explode when it meets water after being melted at high temperature. You can't use water when extinguishing the fire. Aluminum product fires are only suitable for fighting with sand, but from time to time until late at night, all parties cannot mobilize sand for fire fighting in a short period of time. Fire officers and soldiers used intermittent spray foam extinguishing agent to cover the fire. The entire car was covered with foam, and the fire burned for more than 4 hours. In the end, all the goods on the trailer were basically burned, and the trailer was burned to an empty frame. Fortunately, no casualties were caused in the accident.
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