The future trend of aluminum profiles may replace traditional building materials

by:Zeyi     2021-06-14
The future trend of aluminum profiles may replace traditional building materials, which will mainly be reflected in:   1. Buildings made of aluminum profiles are not only rapid prototyping, but also cost-effective. Compared with concrete, concrete usually requires a lot of formwork and curing time.  2. Aluminum bridge decks are 80% lighter than concrete, and do not need to strengthen supporting bridge elements, and can provide additional bridge width and capacity without increasing bridge load. The corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy bridge deck does not require painting and requires minimal maintenance, and it is more suitable than steel or concrete where deicing chemicals can be used.  3. The low temperature toughness of aluminum makes it an ideal structural material for roads and bridges in cold climates. In the United States and Europe, aluminum also has new and easy-to-repair properties. In North America, the combination of bridges and aluminum decks or superstructures was first built in the 1940s. More than 50 aluminum alloy bridges have been built in Europe, and this number is increasing year by year. Because aluminum is lighter than steel and concrete, it does not rust and does not require painting or protective coating, which reduces maintenance and installation time, thereby reducing costs. These are obvious advantages that aluminum has more than other materials.  4. Aluminum is an ideal material, it is a movable bridge, bridge and road narrow deck. Since earthquake force is proportional to weight, aluminum is also an excellent bridge seismic reinforcement. The new aluminum panel system requires factory prefabrication and welding, and the prefabricated aluminum deck panel can be installed faster than other systems without on-site welding.   2.13 billion pounds of aluminum shipments in 2009, accounting for 11.9% of the total shipments in the construction market. Nowadays, aluminum is widely used in commercial buildings and residential buildings, in windows and door frames, exterior cladding, hanging boards, gutters, downpipes and roofs. Potential new applications for aluminum are in national infrastructure such as bridges and oil rigs. In many cases, the low weight, high strength and durability of aluminum alloys make aluminum more attractive to construction contractors.
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