The high-end system door and window factory tells you why so many owners would consider changing doors and windows?

by:Zeyi     2022-01-26
Doors and windows are the face of the house. Whether it is buying a new house, buying a second-hand house, or renovating the house, they are very concerned about the problem of doors and windows. Why do so many owners consider changing doors and windows? Thin materials In order to save costs, the raw materials used in some low-grade residential areas are mostly ordinary building profiles. This material resists wind pressure and is easily deformed and damaged by strong winds. Differences in the use of accessories In addition, due to cost reasons, door and window accessories for commercial houses are generally cheaper, not to mention poor hand feeling, poor quality, easy to rust, and easy to cause danger. If construction protection measures are not in place, it will be difficult to clean up. The original door and window protection measures in civil buildings are not in place, causing mud scraping and falling, which is difficult to repair and clean, which affects the appearance and use of doors and windows. Irregular water seepage device due to the cost control of commercial housing doors and windows, the material itself is not very good, and the level of installation workers is uneven, and the operation is not standardized. For example, no sealant is used in the corners and splices for compactness, or the sealant is not tightly sealed. Good, it is easy to cause leakage hazards. The color is monotonous and the style does not match. The colors used in the original doors and windows are basically monochromatic (sand gray, coffee, green, etc.), which is difficult to match the family color system, and the style is difficult to match the modern home style. The sound insulation and heat insulation performance cannot meet the requirements. The doors and windows of commercial houses are all processed in batches. In order to reduce costs, it is difficult to have high-quality doors and windows, such as single-layer glass. Although thickened tempered glass, the heat and sound insulation effect is always not as good as double-layer insulating glass. Why do many people choose system door and window manufacturers? Technology, advanced performance, excellent performance. In addition, glass installation fasteners, connecting thick indoor steel wire pressing, detachable protective grille, high-quality hardware accessories, clamping devices and other technologies are integrated and systematically applied instead of alone To improve a certain place, Jianmei aluminum profile doors and windows are a qualitative leap over traditional doors and windows in terms of waterproof and sealing, sound insulation and safety performance. Doors and windows are part of home decoration. Good doors and windows match the home style. Jianmei is committed to the goal of building a high-end home system door and window brand. It combines modern product aesthetics to meet the high performance and variety of doors and windows. Various styles of interior decoration make the home quiet and safe, and at the same time beautiful and elegant. Each door and window product of the system door and window is a fine art, which not only embodies the excellent spirit of the craftsman, but also brings excellent taste and elegant art to the master, and also embodies the company's systematic and holistic thinking. It takes decades to buy doors and windows, take advantage of decoration opportunities after buying a commercial house, choose a good brand, buy doors and windows, and build a quiet, safe, comfortable, and comfortable home for yourself.
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