The history of aluminum curtain wall

by:Zeyi     2021-07-09
1970-1990 was the common development stage of glass curtain wall and aluminum profile curtain wall. my country's aluminum curtain wall started, and its application and development in construction started from scratch, from self-developed research and development, from low-end products to the production of high-tech products. From only processing simple low-end profiles to high-end extruded profiles, aluminum alloy doors and windows and glass curtain walls have developed rapidly. From 1990 to the present, it has been the process of replacing glass curtain walls with aluminum profile curtain walls. The emergence of new building materials has promoted the further development of building curtain walls. A new type of building curtain wall has appeared throughout the country, namely aluminum profile curtain walls. The so-called aluminum profile curtain wall is It refers to a building curtain wall whose panel material is a metal sheet. Simply put, it is a form of curtain wall in which the glass in the glass curtain wall is replaced with a metal sheet. However, due to the different surface materials, there is a big difference between the two. They should be considered separately during the design and construction process. Due to the excellent processing performance of the metal sheet, the variety of colors and the good safety, it can fully adapt to the design of various complex shapes, can add concave and convex lines at will, and can process various types of curved lines. Architects are favored by architects for their huge space to play, and they have developed by leaps and bounds.   Speaking of aluminum curtain walls, people who have experience in decoration know this product. The use of curtain walls has a history of more than 150 years all over the world. In the era of furniture decoration, the demand for this kind of products is becoming more and more extensive. With these properties, resistance to wind pressure deformation, rainwater leakage (water tightness), air penetration (air tightness), in-plane deformation (seismic resistance), thermal engineering (heat insulation), sound insulation, lightning protection, fire protection, environmental protection, Sound absorption, beauty, decoration, and energy saving are in line with current decoration concepts. What is the history of its development in China? With the change of the times and the advancement of technology, the theme of environmental protection was born, and then it moved from cumbersome to lighter plates and structures (natural stone thickness of 25mm, new materials as thin as 1mm). There are fewer varieties and gradually move to more types of plates and more abundant. The color (currently nearly 60 kinds of plates such as stone glass, inorganic glass steel, clay plate, ceramic protection plate, metal plate, etc. are applied to the exterior wall), higher safety performance, more flexible and convenient construction technology, higher waterproof performance, and extension The life span of the curtain wall (from the closed curtain wall to the open curtain wall) is environmentally friendly and energy-saving (the metal decorative insulation board is commonly used in the European and American construction markets today, which is composed of colored painted aluminum profile carved veneer, polyurethane insulation layer, and glass fiber cloth composite It takes into account decoration and heat preservation and energy saving functions. The finish paint has no fading for 10-15 years, and the overall service life can reach 45 years. Types of surface materials used in aluminum curtain walls The main surface materials used in aluminum curtain walls are as follows: Aluminum Composite panels, single-layer aluminum panels, aluminum honeycomb panels, fireproof panels, and titanium-zinc-plastic-aluminum composite panels are made of 2-5mm thick polyethylene or rigid polyethylene foamed panels sandwiched between the inner and outer layers of 0.5mm thick aluminum plates. Composition, the surface of the board is coated with fluorocarbon resin coating to form a tough and stable film, with very strong adhesion and durability, and rich in colors. The back of the board is coated with polyester paint to prevent possible corrosion. Aluminum composite board It is a commonly used panel material in the early appearance of aluminum curtain walls. The single-layer aluminum plate adopts 2.5mm or 3mm thick aluminum alloy plate. The surface of the single-layer aluminum plate for the exterior curtain wall is the same as the front surface of the aluminum composite plate. The film layer is tough and stable. Adhesion and durability are exactly the same. Single-layer aluminum plate is another common panel material for metal curtain walls after aluminum composite panels, and it is used more and more.   The current home repair concept highlights the quiet, comfortable and environmentally friendly space, and aluminum curtain walls are unique The durable, environmentally friendly and lighter nature of the curtain wall than other materials is more in line with the needs of the current market.
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