The impact of 'Tesla building in China' on my country's aluminum industry

by:Zeyi     2021-09-30
According to foreign media sources, Tesla and Space X (a US space exploration technology company) will share a director of materials, aiming to build a materials engineering team that focuses on the development of advanced materials. The news also said that from the large amount of aluminum used in Tesla Model S and Model X, it can be seen that aluminum alloy materials will be widely used in the products of the two companies in the future. Regardless of the specific purpose of Tesla’s establishment of a factory in China and the voice of doubt, this is definitely a very significant thing. It will become the first wholly-owned overseas car company in China. With the huge supply market owned by China, Tes The production cost of pulling will also be greatly reduced. As we all know, Tesla has always had a special liking for the application of aluminum, not only because of the urgent need for lightweight new energy vehicles, but also because of the company's long-term plans for the application of new materials. Therefore, the localization of Tesla may provide a visible market development space for my country’s aluminum products, and even accelerate the development of my country’s new energy vehicles and technological and material innovation. my country’s aluminum companies should seize the opportunity to jointly promote my country’s aluminum alloys. The breakthrough application of materials in the field of new energy vehicles.   my country has a huge automobile consumer market with huge potential and huge capacity. According to relevant statistics, in 2017, the total global sales of new energy vehicles exceeded 1.42 million, and the cumulative sales exceeded 3.4 million. As of the end of 2017, the cumulative sales of new energy vehicles in my country reached 1.8 million, more than 50% of the cumulative global sales. No matter in terms of sales volume, growth rate or global market share, it ranks first in the world. It is estimated that the production and sales volume of new energy vehicles in my country will exceed 1 million in 2018, and it will reach 2 million in 2020. By 2030, the annual sales of new energy passenger vehicles in my country will exceed 13 million. It is foreseeable that my country's huge market capacity and demand will provide unlimited business opportunities for new energy vehicles in the future. Extending to aluminum, the large demand for new energy vehicles has given the aluminum industry a huge olive branch and a period of opportunity. So, why is aluminum so favored by Tesla? The most prominent advantage of aluminum application in automobile manufacturing lies in its light weight and recyclability. This is also a problem that major car companies have made efforts to solve in recent years. If aluminum alloy materials are used in large quantities in the automotive industry, they will bring huge economic benefits no matter in terms of automobile manufacturing, automobile operation or scrap automobile recycling.  According to relevant information, for every 100 kg weight loss of a car, 175 liters of gasoline can be saved every year, and carbon emissions can be greatly reduced at the same time. The Aluminum Association of America also pointed out that if the weight of the car is reduced by 25%, the time for the car to accelerate to 60 steps will be reduced from the original 10 seconds to 6 seconds. At the same time, after reducing its own weight, it can also make the car drive more stable and have passenger space Increased to achieve more comfort and safety. This is especially true for electric vehicles. In addition to the above advantages, weight reduction will also provide vehicles with more driving range and more space for batteries. Judging from the current domestic electric vehicle market, there is only BYD one of the most famous independent brand manufacturers. If BYD is compared with Tesla, there is still a certain gap in technology development and material application, especially in the use of new materials and aluminum alloy materials, Tesla is definitely better. Although Tesla’s entry will inevitably bring obvious pressure and competition to my country’s automotive industry, it must be said that Tesla’s high-end manufacturing process, advanced technology and material application and marketization will be new to my country. The development of the energy automobile industry makes up for shortcomings. Judging from the current aluminum industry in my country, my country’s aluminum output is the largest in the world, and the aluminum industry is already leading the world. It has also achieved many breakthroughs in the field of aluminum processing materials, even in some automotive parts and vehicles. Scale industrialization has been achieved in other aspects. Aluminum companies represented by Aluminum Corporation of China, China Zhongwang, Shengtong Group, etc. have completed the application and promotion of all-aluminum vehicles, and have won unanimous praise from downstream car companies and users. Therefore, the author believes that with Tesla’s entry, aluminum companies should open their arms and try to cooperate with them to form a joint force to jointly promote the application of aluminum in the field of new energy vehicles in my country and open up a new and larger application market for the aluminum industry.
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