The importance of aluminum alloy door and window sealing strip

by:Zeyi     2021-10-28
Aluminum alloy sealing strip, mainly used for the connection of aluminum alloy doors and windows and glass, the color is transparent. This product has good toughness and sealing performance, and can accept non-standard customization. We can also customize the color according to your needs. Aluminum alloy door and window sealing tape plays an important role in waterproof, airtight, energy-saving and other aspects of doors and windows. According to the function and application requirements of the sealing tape, the aluminum alloy door and window sealing tape must have sufficient tensile strength, good elasticity, and good high temperature aging resistance, and the cross-sectional structure size should match the plastic door and window profiles. Aluminum alloy door and window sealing strips can be divided into glass sealing strips (adhesive tape) and wool strips. The glass sealing strip is used for sealing between the glass and the fan and the frame. The top is mainly used for the seal between the frame and the fan. The scope of application of different door and window sealing: Although the door and window structure is strict, the manufacturing and installation precision is high, but the door and window sealing strip is still installed on the door and window. Produce various sealing strip products, suitable for different occasions. Some use soft film, some use foam tape, and some use chemical fiber and hard plastic composite materials, which have good elasticity and durability. Some sealing methods use squeeze sealing, and some use brushes to wipe and block. Some fixing methods are self-adhesive and can be glued to the frame and fan by themselves; some are embedded in the retention slots of doors and windows; others are fixed with nails. After all, the types and specifications of door and window sealing strips should be adjusted according to their own door and window conditions to achieve better results. Different door and window sealing strips are used in different ranges. Some brushes or sheet-like sealing strips are nailed to the joints of doors and windows and can only be used for wooden doors and doors and windows; the bottom of the door, brushes or rubber sealing strips are good; sealing paste and metal can be used in 24 Cured within hours, its thickness can be adjusted according to the actual needs of the site, suitable for metal doors and windows. Some foam sealing strips with good self-adhesive properties are suitable for windows of different materials made by the extrusion sealing method. The thickness should match the width of the door and window gap, and the brush or plastic sealing strip embedded in the groove should be the same as the door and window The gap matches. Installation of door and window sealing strips: 1. Glass gasket and non-return plate: (window frame, window frame) after the welding angle, apply a special roller to force it into the profile groove. At the same time, press the rubber tape head down into the embedded contour groove. Since the rubber band is an elastic body, it may shrink after rolling. The correct method is to reduce the ends of the strip a little when installing at both ends of the interface, and then leave a shrinkage of 2-3 cm, and then cut it into grooves. 2. Glass strip: pierce the tip of the strip into the profile groove by hand according to the correct surface, and then press it into the gap between the glass and the profile according to the appearance of the strip. The tape at both ends shrinks slightly toward the middle, leaving a length of 1-2 cm, and then cut it and press it into the groove.
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