The influence of electrophoretic coating on aluminum profiles

by:Zeyi     2021-10-03
The effect of electrophoretic coating on aluminum profiles has significant advantages. Electrophoretic coating has many advantages in the process of aluminum profile processing. The following editor will briefly introduce the advantages of electrophoretic coating on aluminum profile:   1. Electrophoretic coating can control the thickness of aluminum profile electrophoretic coating film. Generally, the thickness at home and abroad is controlled at 7 microns and 12 microns.  2. The treatment process requirements for electrophoretic coating of aluminum profiles are very strict, which is very beneficial for improving the yield of industrial aluminum profile profiles.  3. The quality of the electrophoretic coating film is very good. Acrylic resin uses amino resin to become solid, which ensures the higher decorative effect of the coating film and higher resistance to corrosion and erosion. At the same time, because the resin has higher transparency, it effectively highlights the metallic texture of the aluminum profile. According to decorative requirements, it can also obtain decorative effects such as matte, sand surface, and pearly luster.  4. The application efficiency of paint is higher. Because of the low viscosity of the coating, the aluminum profile products are less carried out, and the electrophoretic workpieces can be washed with water, and the use of recycling equipment makes the use efficiency of electrophoretic coating coatings reach more than 95%.   5. It is easy to achieve the purpose of automated production. Because the aluminum profile is electrophoresed in the water-based electrophoresis tank, which is similar to anodizing and electrolytic dyeing, the processing time is relatively short, and it is easy to complete the assembly line of the entire processing process. 6. Compared with the general electrolytic dyeing process of closed small holes, it has the advantages of saving time and saving manpower. The electrophoretic coating film does not need to close the small holes, which prevents problems such as cracking lines caused by unsatisfactory closed small holes. .   7. The electrophoretic coating film is even and dense. Because the aluminum profile has a high swimming penetration during the electrophoretic coating process, the profile with complex shapes can be evenly coated, and the thickness of the coating can be controlled by adjusting the power.   In addition to the above advantages, electrophoretic coating of aluminum profiles can also improve its safety and light transmittance, making aluminum profiles more widely used.
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