The main process of industrial aluminum production

by:Zeyi     2021-11-16
Nominal pretreatment: use chemical or physical methods to clean the profile nominally and expose the dirt matrix to obtain a complete and dense artificial oxide film. Mirror or gloss names can also be obtained by mechanical means. Anodization: Under the premise of a certain process, the profile after surface pretreatment is anodized to form a dense, porous, and strongly adsorbed Al203 film. The hot melting and extrusion of industrial aluminum materials can obtain aluminum materials with different cross-sectional shapes, but when alloys of different proportions are added, the mechanical properties and application fields of industrial aluminum profiles are also different. profiles are divided by application areas. refers to all aluminum profiles except for building doors and windows, curtain walls, indoor and outdoor decoration and building structures. Sealing: Sealing the pores of the porous oxide film formed after anodization, thereby enhancing the anti-pollution, corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the oxide film. The oxide film is colorless and transparent. Before sealing, the strong adsorption effect of the oxide film can be used to adsorb and deposit part of the metal salt in the film pores, making the surface appear black, bronze, gold, stainless steel and other colors. After various nominal treatment processes, the characteristics and functions of industrial aluminum grinding fabric industry aluminum: grinding surface industrial aluminum, avoiding the manufacture and decoration of bright aluminum alloy profiles in a certain environment, under the premise of forming light troubles, Its name is as delicate and soft as brocade, and it is very affected by the green eyes of the market. However, the existing grinding materials must overcome the shortcomings of uneven sand on the surface and the shortcomings of the pattern can be seen. Multi-tone nominal treatment of industrial aluminum: At present, the boring silver-white brown color can no longer meet the requirements of architectural teachers, exterior wall decorative bricks, and exterior wall latex. The new stainless steel colors, champagne colors, gold, titanium, Red series, etc. can continuously improve the decorative effect. These profiles must be oxidized after chemical or mechanical polishing, and the effect will be better. Electrophoretic coating industry aluminum: the electrophoretic coating profile has a nominal gloss soft heel, which can resist erosion of cement, acid rain of mortar, and 90% of industrial aluminum has been electrophoresed in Japan. Powder electrostatic spraying industrial aluminum: powder electrostatic spraying profiles have excellent corrosion resistance, acid, alkali and salt spray are much better than oxidation colored profiles. Industrial profiles can be hot melted and extruded to obtain aluminum with different cross-sectional shapes, but add With different proportions of alloys, the mechanical properties and application fields of industrial aluminum profile profiles are also different. Plasma-strengthened electrochemical nominal ceramic industrial aluminum: this profile is the most advanced processing technology in the world. This profile product is excellent, but the cost is high. It has more than 20 colors, the biggest feature is that it can be arranged like a printed cloth, the nominal color of the shape is colorful, and the decorative effect is very good.
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