The market demand for aluminum alloy formwork profiles is huge and the technology content is high

by:Zeyi     2021-07-23
With the development of my country's real estate industry and the advancement of marketization, the demand for aluminum alloy formwork profiles is increasing. Aluminum alloy formwork profiles are one of the more favored materials in the construction industry. The production of aluminum alloy formwork profiles requires mold forming, and molds have an important decisive role in the quality of aluminum alloy formwork profiles. Analyzing aluminum alloy template profile molds is of great help to the production and selection of high-quality molds. Therefore, the analysis of 7050 aluminum alloy plate template profile molds is particularly important:    (1) There are many types of template profiles, complex shapes, and large size changes. Therefore, it is required to design and manufacture high-quality molds of different specifications, different structures, and different forms to ensure the accuracy of forming, size, and position. A lot of test work is required.   (2) The template requires industrialized mass production, and the primary key is to increase the service life of the mold. (3) The width to thickness ratio of the flat and wide formwork profile is greater than 100, and the dimensional accuracy and plane clearance of the wide and thin wall panels are difficult to guarantee. It requires a special structure of widening and shunting molds to reasonably distribute the metal flow. In order to ensure the forming and high-precision size requirements of the profile, especially to ensure the ultra-high-precision form and position tolerance, the technical difficulty is greater. (4) Most of the template profiles are semi-hollow profiles, whose tongue ratio is greater than 5, and the precision of size and shape is required to be ultra-high precision. A special structure mold is needed to ensure the profile forming and achieve high precision, and the mold must be guaranteed It has sufficient strength, does not deform, crack, or collapse, ensuring a long service life. (5) The template profile requires a smooth surface, high size and shape and position accuracy. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt high-quality mold steel and strict mold heat treatment process and machining to implement CNC process regulations in order to obtain high strength, high toughness, and high precision. , High-quality molds with low surface roughness.
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