The mold manufacturing workshop was officially put into use, realizing automatic production of machinery!

by:Zeyi     2022-02-11
After several months of installation, operation, debugging and other operations, the mold manufacturing workshop of the company has passed the acceptance and officially put into use. The mold workshop provides a strong technical guarantee for the promotion of production site standardization, scientific management, and safe production. Compared with the previous traditional workshops, it is more intelligent. Mold workshop In the process of using the mold workshop, Zhanmei separately checked and implemented the prelude work such as on-site equipment startup and operation status, starting from the details, and putting quality and safety work first. The person in charge of equipment management and maintenance conducts a comprehensive inspection and maintenance of all equipment in the workshop, cleans up and rectifies hidden safety hazards, and conducts relevant safety training operations on the maintenance of production equipment for all workshop staff. Zhanmei Mould Workshop has realized precise, intelligent and scientific workshop management, greatly improving the on-site management ability and management efficiency of the production workshop. Through the combination of digital technology and advanced manufacturing technology, it improves worker efficiency, optimizes product quality, and reduces Labor intensity and material wastage, thereby comprehensively improving the business efficiency and project level of the Zhanmei project, thereby reducing costs, and laying a solid foundation for ensuring the successful completion of subsequent production tasks.
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