The Position of Aluminum Profile Processing Industry in Economic Development

by:Zeyi     2021-07-16
With the rapid development of my country's economy, China has become a major country in the world's aluminum production and consumption. Among them, the aluminum profile processing industry plays a pivotal role in promoting the country's economic development. Nowadays, the world's aluminum profile industry is experiencing downturns, overcapacity, and low prices. It is understood that the current demand for aluminum consumption in my country is still great, and now is the best time to expand aluminum applications.  Aluminum profile processing and application have added the aluminum industry, for example: the further advancement of automobile lightweight, and the continuous expansion of the application range of aluminum. It is understood that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will study and organize the establishment of transportation aluminum production enterprises, equipment design and manufacturing. Downstream users, governments, associations, etc. set up cooperation mechanisms to coordinate inter-departmental efforts to improve supporting policies, actively guide companies to actively participate in model standardization revisions, promote model standardization, weight reduction, and miniaturization, and promote close collaboration between upstream and downstream.   In response to the current serious overcapacity, the country is actively formulating corresponding measures to deal with it. Recently, production capacity cooperation has become a new measure for my country to export electrolytic aluminum production capacity. For my country’s aluminum industry, the electrolytic aluminum production capacity is very surplus, but there are still some other countries in the world where the electrolytic aluminum industry is underdeveloped or does not have electrolytic aluminum production capacity. A win-win situation. Overcapacity is just a false proposition. From a global perspective: there is no industry with global overcapacity. The current electrolytic aluminum industry is an overcapacity industry in my country, but there are still many countries and regions around the world that do not have overcapacity. Aluminum processing plants are currently in the process of expanding large-scale industrialization and urbanization in developing countries. This has great market demand and cooperation potential for many of our aluminum profile manufacturers with excellent and rich production capacity.  
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