The price advantage of industrial aluminum

by:Zeyi     2021-05-23
As a metal with very good plasticity, industrial aluminum has important applications in all aspects of industrial production. And aluminum profile has the following characteristics. Nowadays, the price of industrial aluminum material is very common among door and window material manufacturers in Europe and America, and the concept of using industrial aluminum material price to achieve the desired purpose has been widely accepted. Even in the plastic steel door and window industry, aluminum alloy doors with heat insulation design are also used in the plastic steel field. Some people may ask, why use industrial aluminum? Because the price of industrial aluminum has the following advantages:    1. Establish an industrial aluminum extrusion production line, the technology is not complicated and the investment is not high, in China, there are already many extrusion production lines.  2. can be designed and extruded in a short time. A good aluminum alloy mold can be put into production in 7-10 days.   3. The price of industrial aluminum molds is not expensive, and the average mold for each aluminum alloy company is between 2500 and 8000 yuan.   4. molds are easy to process, and most aluminum alloy companies have good design experience.
Daily maintenance and operation of industrial aluminum
The processing and production process of industrial aluminum is very important, but the daily maintenance of industrial aluminum also needs attention. At present, the market share of industrial aluminum is still relatively large, and it is both in our life and industry. Applied to it, what is the daily maintenance operation of general industrial aluminum materials? Let's take a look with us below. 1. When storing industrial aluminum, remember not to store it with chemical materials. 2. When storing industrial aluminum, remember not to store it with wet materials. 3. During the transportation of industrial aluminum, be careful not to get wet, and handle with care to prevent bumps on the surface. 4. After the industrial aluminum is processed, it is necessary to clean the surface of the industrial aluminum profile regularly, and pay attention to using a clean cloth and mild detergent. The above is the daily maintenance operation of industrial aluminum, please pay attention to the official website to learn more!

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