The quality of aluminum bars shows our temperament

by:Zeyi     2021-05-29
The aluminum strip adopts the fourth-generation corner sealing process, which makes the corners more airtight and has more outstanding performance. A desiccant is added inside the aluminum bar to effectively eliminate water vapor in the air and improve the water and air tightness of doors and windows. The well-known hollow aluminum strip has no effect on the desiccant and can effectively eliminate the fogging of the hollow glass. It is one of the necessary materials for the production of hollow glass. The reason why it can effectively defogging is because the holes on the aluminum bar and the desiccant in the aluminum bar are working. The desiccant is put into the aluminum strip. The small holes on the surface of the aluminum strip are used to absorb the mist in the glass through the desiccant. The holes must be transparent, but not too large. If they are too large, they will leak molecular sieve and dust; they must not be too small. Too small will cause the water vapor in the glass to be absorbed improperly, so the punching process needs to be very careful. On the market, most of the hollow aluminum strips of aluminum profiles are primary colors. This kind of aluminum strips has a fatal flaw. In areas with more coastal waters, the primary color aluminum strips are easily oxidized and will be corroded over time Water tightness of doors and windows. As the industry’s quality requirements for doors and windows increase, there are new requirements for the color matching of hollow aluminum bars and the performance of aluminum bars. Prior to this, doors and windows have taken the lead in upgrading the products from the original color to fluorocarbon black, Fluorocarbon ash. In addition to upgrading the surface color, we also upgraded the traditional glass marking to aluminum strip marking. The glass is exposed and the marking is easy to be imitated. However, hollow aluminum strip marking can improve the overall texture of the product and at the same time allow Unscrupulous merchants who want to counterfeit brands can't take advantage of it. The door and window products purchased by dealers and consumers on the market need to recognize the door and window logos on the hollow aluminum strips to be considered as the genuine products of the company. While protecting genuine doors and windows, it can also improve the brand recognition of doors and windows by dealers and consumers. The improvement of every detail and performance is our unremitting pursuit of the craftsman spirit. Doors and windows focus on the details, constantly accumulate their brand heritage and strength, and continue to bring better products to consumers. The hollow aluminum spacer is a new type of aluminum material specially made for trough aluminum hollow glass. This aluminum strip is an aluminum product made of high-purity aluminum. After the surface is treated, it will not oxidize, corrode, and will not produce any effect on the desiccant. Influence, effectively eliminate the fogging phenomenon. The moisture in the hollow glass is quickly absorbed through the molecular sieve inside the aluminum partition, which effectively eliminates the atomization phenomenon, makes the hollow glass dry and clean, improves the performance of cold and heat insulation, and has a significant sound insulation effect. When connecting the insulating glass, the aluminum spacer has a strong stabilizing effect, and it has more functionality in design.
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