The quality of aluminum products is determined by four main factors

by:Zeyi     2021-10-06
1. Alloying element 6063 alloy is an alloy prepared with aluminum-magnesium-silicon as the main design element. There is a certain influence range between each cultural element, and the price of magnesium is high. Some manufacturers are in order to reduce management costs. , Reduce the amount of magnesium to the minimum allowable technical content. Due to the combination of curtain wall technology and technology, intelligent curtain walls such as solar photovoltaic curtain wall, ventilation duct breathing curtain wall, wind and rain induction intelligent curtain wall will show the unique charm of the building. Home decoration aluminum belongs to the coating technology. It adds pre-plating and electroplating process steps on the basis of the conventional titanium plating process. The pre-plating process is to place the activated plated parts in an aqueous solution of salt and hydrochloric acid for chemical treatment. Building curtain wall The non-load-bearing external wall enclosure of a building is usually composed of panels and a supporting structure behind it. Some even worse, the magnesium content is significantly lower than the minimum content allowed by the state. Some factories add waste wires and waste aluminum pots to the alloy, basically not talking about 6063 alloy. As a result, the mechanical structure strength of aluminum profile is very low, and it can be so low that it can easily be bent with both hands. It is commonly known as soft as noodles. This is one of the reasons why Chinese aluminum can be cheaper by several thousand yuan. Regular aluminum manufacturers have internal standards when preparing alloy compositions, that is, within the range of various element contents, each manufacturer has its own smaller range of variation, and the ratio of aluminum, magnesium, and silicon is very high. Strictly, each manufacturer has its own data and keeps each other secrets. There is an alloy made of a qualified formula to ensure the quality, otherwise the quality will not come up how to process it in the future. 2. How the aluminum profile melting furnace 6063 melts well, and what kind of furnace it is is also very important. Now there are 40 domestic stoves at the level of the 1990s, and the worst manufacturers use the original crucible. furnace. There are coal, oil, gas and electric furnaces. Some stoves have chimneys, some stoves without a chimney. Use more general square furnace (furnace rectangle), advanced round furnace, the furnace can tilt some rounds to pour molten aluminum. The tonnage of one-ton, two-ton, five-ton, ten-ton, and 50-ton 25-ton aluminum melting furnaces. A bit more advanced, together with the holding furnace below the aluminum melting furnace, the holding furnace is formulated with the important alloy 6063, which can be degassed slag, left to stand, and then cast rods for press use. And the quality of modern alloys is developed for the round furnace, which is definitely not the same as in the original coal-fired furnace. Generally, stoves, no matter what kind of fuel is burning, should have a chimney, and the exhaust gas waste fuel during the combustion process can be discharged from most chimneys. The exhaust chimney is not all the molten aluminum wastewater, which makes the cast aluminum rods squeeze, and there is significant internal slag, which is the reason for the poor quality of aluminum, which is the reason for the cheap aluminum one by one.  3. The domestic casting equipment level of alloy casting is also far away. The oldest casting equipment level has 40 years of iron castings and advanced hydraulic semi-continuous casting. Cast iron casting rods have a weak crystalline structure, and the casting rods have a large number of bubbles and slag, and the quality of the cast rods is poor. The plants that are generally used now are more common, horizontal casting (also called continuous casting), and semi-continuous casting, semi-continuous casting. Most of the continuous casting is driven by wire rope, preferably hydraulic transmission. Semi-continuous casting rods of unequal length, usually 3 meters, 4 meters up to 8 microns. It is a semi-continuous casting pit, while descending, while casting, is surrounded by cold water cooling on all sides, because the cooling water of the casting rods around the uniform and dense crystal structure is uniform. However, the rope is transmitted downwards, and the smoothness is inferior to the hydraulic transmission. The hydraulic casting rod is smoother than the other surface of the casting rod. The smooth surface of the cast rod is a prerequisite for a good extrusion profile.
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