The reason why the thickness of aluminum profiles for doors and windows does not meet the standard

by:Zeyi     2021-06-03
In order to reduce costs, some aluminum profile manufacturers and distributors reduce the weight of a single aluminum profile and thin the wall thickness of the aluminum profile to attract users at low prices, especially in remote rural areas.   At present, it is the peak season for decoration, and aluminum as the preferred material for doors and window frames is indispensable in home decoration. So, is the quality of aluminum currently on the market high-quality? Whether the thickness meets the standard, according to the national GB5237.3-2008 standard, the local thickness of the composite film is ≥16mm, and the wall thickness is 1.20mm with a difference of 0.15 between positive and negative. During the inspection process, business personnel found that the operators usually purchase goods in units of ton and sell in units of length. In order to maximize profits, manufacturers thin aluminum profiles, so the film thickness and wall thickness of many varieties tested did not meet the standards. According to the analysis of professionals, the thickness of the aluminum profile film directly affects the alkali resistance, salt spray corrosion resistance, wear resistance and appearance quality of the profile surface. Products with unqualified film thickness are prone to corrosion during use. Reduce the service life of the product. The profile is the stressed part in the project, and the wall thickness directly affects the strength of the processed part, thereby affecting the quality of the project. Therefore, the industry and commerce department reminds: When consumers buy aluminum products, they can ask the merchants to produce relevant test reports, pay attention to checking the test time of the test report, the implementation standard, whether the test data is lower than the nationally prescribed indicators, and the purchased Whether the material is the same brand, is it the same batch, etc. In addition, pay attention to whether the test report is issued by a qualified test unit. It is best for the operator to write down the name of the product in the purchase contract and invoice, and leave some small samples when using materials. Once there is a problem, it can be used as evidence to protect their legitimate rights and interests.
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