The same is decoration. Why are the doors and windows replaced by others soundproof and environmentally friendly?

by:Zeyi     2021-10-05
Noise pollution is one of the common pollution in our daily life, and it also seriously affects our quality of life. Most consumers think that the installation of soundproof doors and windows is the easiest part of the decoration process. However, there are often problems of this kind during installation. So, how to avoid re-disassembly or even second purchase?  To install soundproof glass, you must first change the window frame:   Soundproof doors and windows are a perfect organic combination of performance systems. You need to consider glass, profiles, sealing strips, hardware, etc. The window frames of soundproof doors and windows are specially designed. If the doors and windows do not replace the window frames but directly replace the soundproof glass, the sound will still enter the room and the effect of the soundproof doors and windows will not be achieved.  Choose the sound insulation glass that suits you:   According to different environments, the noise is also different, divided into low frequency noise, intermediate frequency noise, and high frequency noise. Different floors and noise sources require professionals to come home to measure the noise level, and finally choose soundproof doors and windows with different effects according to their own ability to withstand the noise.   The more layers of insulating glass, the better the sound insulation and heat insulation effect?  Some families will install two double-glazed windows in pursuit of sound insulation, but in fact, the number of layers of insulating glass is not the better. The middle of the insulating glass is a relatively dry air layer, which is prone to resonance. Therefore, it is difficult to achieve the mute effect for medium and low frequency noise. It is recommended to install professional system doors and windows on the inside of the windows. How to install soundproof windows without destroying the original decoration:    If the owner has already renovated and moved in, and is not satisfied with the sound insulation of the existing windows, and does not want to carry out the overall decoration, if the window sill is free, he can install a soundproof door and window . In this way, the original window cover and window sill surface will not be damaged, and the regular soundproof doors and windows are measured and specially designed by professionals on the spot. They are both practical and beautiful, and will not affect the use of existing window switches.  How to ensure the airtightness of doors and windows:   There should be styrofoam filling between the window frame and the wall, and the inside and outside of the window frame must be sealed with silicon copper glue or sealant to prevent water seepage. Remember that after the overall interior decoration is completed, the user should remove the protective film, which can extend the service life of doors and windows. Will there be any smell after installing the doors and windows of the system: The silicone rubber or sealant used for the door and window sealing is neutral and environmentally friendly, and it is a healthy and green environmentally friendly colloid. Open the windows for ventilation in the early stage, and there will be no smell as long as it is dry. , There is no harm to the human body. Basic inspection after installation of soundproof doors and windows:   1. Whether the windows are scratched; whether the hardware is flexible and stable;   2. Whether the glass is scratched or degummed;   3. Whether the doors and windows open smoothly;   4. , This is the key to the good or bad airtightness of doors and windows.   How many decibels is appropriate for indoor sound control?  Many people don’t know how many decibels the sound should be controlled at. In fact, the lowest natural physical noise in the daily air is 30 decibels, and noise detectors below 30 decibels are difficult to identify. The indoor sound control is about 35 decibels, which is very quiet and comfortable.
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