The scope of application of aluminum plates in various industries in life

by:Zeyi     2021-12-27
Nowadays, consumers are pursuing high-quality green and environmentally friendly living methods, and the application range of aluminum sheets that meet this characteristic in various industries in life is becoming more and more extensive. Next, I will give you a comprehensive summary of those that can be used in life. Aspect:    curtain wall aluminum panels can be used in interior decoration to integrate with walls, ceilings, partitions, pillars, beams, balconies, door covers, windowsills, counters, advertising boards, screens, etc. It can be directly selected according to the swatches provided by the manufacturer or provided with swatch samples, and special surface treatments such as wood grain transfer and marble transfer can also be carried out. Product field application legend:    aluminum plate is used in indoor stairs to choose double pipe material and stepping material. There are many different decoration styles, and the overall effect is different. It can be processed into flat, curved and spherical surfaces. Geometric shape, beautiful appearance; rich colors; convenient installation; short construction period, its excellent aesthetic value also gives designers more creative space. Field application example of staircase aluminum plate:    aluminum plate is very suitable for roofing in the construction industry with a slope as small as 1.5°. It can build a lightweight but exceptionally stable structure, high strength and excellent wind pressure resistance (with the bottom plate), especially suitable for In areas where there are more typhoons and storms, and the weight of the substructure is lighter, the prefabricated components can be placed in higher places without the use of large lifting equipment. The lifting work can be easily completed on site. It can be welded, riveted, fixed and direct Fixed connection and other methods are used for installation. These methods are simple and easy to implement. They can quickly and safely complete the connection of building components. There are no connections, no screw holes, and the appearance of the building is neat. The construction of aluminum alloy flood walls, urban aluminum structure overpasses, and large-scale The outdoor decoration of projects, landmark buildings and high-end commercial residential buildings are often used.  Urban aluminum alloy flyover field application legend:   The application of all-aluminum furniture has become a decoration trend in recent years. It can be used in the manufacture of kitchenware, furniture, and lamps. Due to its good thermal conductivity, rust-proof characteristics and high cost performance, aluminum plate has quickly become the first choice for LED lighting light source boards after 2007. The rise of aluminum alloy furniture such as kitchenware, tables and chairs can be moisture-proof, soundproof and can withstand raging fires. Tested, the exterior design is unique and stylish, and it has many functions such as folding and storage. It is very suitable for small apartment applications. It is also green and environmentally friendly, pollution-free, no formaldehyde release, and short construction period is also the reason why it is popular. Example of the field application of all-aluminum furniture:   In the manufacturing of industrial molds, aluminum plates can be used for 80% of the products in different mold industries such as injection molds, blow molds, low pressure molds, rubber molds, etc., and can be used to manufacture pistons and structural parts, such as shells, Cylinders, boxes and frames, industrial castings, industrial models, templates and equipment supports, etc. It has good mechanical properties, is easy to process, and has good corrosion resistance and wear resistance. It can be rolled into thin plates and foils, drawn into tubes and filaments, and extruded into various shapes.  Automotive industry aluminum plate application legend:    aluminum plate can be used in the electronic mobile phone manufacturing industry in mobile phone shells, mobile phone card slots, mobile phone batteries, mobile phone frames, etc. It has been strengthened by heat treatment, has high impact toughness, is not sensitive to notches, the surface is very smooth after processing, and is easy to anodize and color; it has excellent welding performance and corrosion resistance, and the higher the hardness and strength of the aluminum alloy, the protection during use The better, it is not easy to bump and bend, and it is not easy to bend. Compared with steel, aluminum alloy is lighter with the same strength, and has advantages in consumers' pursuit of light and thin body.  Mobile phone aluminum plate application example:   The application range of duralumin and super duralumin is in the manufacturing industries of airplanes, automobiles, trains, ships, etc. In addition, space rockets, space shuttles, and satellites also use large amounts of aluminum and its aluminum alloys. In 1960, China used aluminum alloy in the construction of 10,000-ton ocean freighter outfitting and decorative parts, such as watertight doors, hatch covers, oil tanks, water tanks, etc., and super-duralumin is the backbone material of aircraft structures.
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