The structure of aluminum extrusion die

by:Zeyi     2021-06-04
The material of the aluminum extrusion die is H13 steel. The mold can be used after nitriding. The whole set of mold is composed of three parts: positive mold, mold pad and mold sleeve. The following focuses on the structure of the positive model. 1. Working belt: the size of the cavity is used. The working belt is perpendicular to the working end face of the mold and forms the shape of the profile. The length of the working belt is too short and the aluminum profile size is difficult to stabilize. If the working belt is too long, it will increase the metal friction and increase the extrusion force. Easy to bond metal. 2. Empty knife: to ensure that the profile passes, to ensure the quality of aluminum and the life of the mold. 3. Flow deflector (groove): Set a transition shape between aluminum rod and aluminum product to reduce the deformation process. 4. Diversion hole: The channel, shape, cross-section size, number and different arrangement of aluminum through-holes directly affect the extrusion quality, extrusion force and life. The number of diversion holes is as small as possible to reduce the welding line. Increase the area of u200bu200bthe shunt hole and reduce the squeezing force. 5. Shunt bridge: its width is related to mold strength and metal flow. 6. Mold core: Determine the size and shape of the cavity. 7. Welding room: a place where metals are gathered and welded. The above is a brief introduction to aluminum extrusion molds. After reading these, I believe everyone has a deeper understanding of aluminum extrusion molds.
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