The use of aluminum profiles in TV sets

by:Zeyi     2021-07-10
Aluminum has the advantages of light weight, easy processing, good corrosion resistance and rich surface treatment, so that aluminum is considered the most economical and practical in many applications. However, pure aluminum has low strength and is not suitable as a structural material. Therefore, alloying elements are added to it and heat treatment is used to strengthen aluminum to give birth to aluminum alloy. In recent years, due to the changes in the upstream screen resources of the TV industry, the design of the appearance of the previous TVs has been innovated, and two changes have been brought about: the transformation from the housing design to the integrated design of the module structure and the housing, and the transformation from plastic materials Designed for metal materials. When it comes to metal materials, aluminum profiles are widely used in the middle frame, decorative parts, front shells and bases of the current TV industry because of their many advantages, and become the mainstream metal aluminum alloy application form. Let’s take a closer look at the use of aluminum profiles in the appearance of TVs:    1. The use of aluminum profiles in the middle frame. 2. The use of aluminum profiles in decorative parts. Because the middle frame of ultra-narrow/frameless TVs is bent and decorated by aluminum profiles. If the parts are made of the same metal material, problems such as large assembly gaps caused by injection molding decorative parts can be avoided. Therefore, the material of the lower frame of the TV also undergoes a transformation from plastic to aluminum profile.   Konka frameless TV 9000 series uses aluminum decorative parts for the first time, which not only effectively protects and supports the frameless screen, but also perfectly connects with the side aluminum frame. Third, the application direction of aluminum profiles in the front shell 1: The front shell of the aluminum profile four-side splicing front shell module integrated machine adopts structural parts that are both appearance parts and fixed screen glass. They are commonly made of metal stamping parts, and there are few changes in details. Problems such as high mold cost and structural design limitations. At this time, the Konka 9800 series, which used four-sided aluminum profiles to splice the front shell, came into being.   The 9800 series front shell adopts unique laser welding technology to control the splicing gap of the four aluminum profiles below 0.1mm, combined with the frame highlight drilling and cutting process, highlighting the craftsmanship quality of the high-end flagship model. It is worth mentioning that this series of front shells of different sizes adopts a unified profile cross-sectional shape and shares a set of profile molds to reduce mold input and material management costs, and greatly improve yield and production efficiency. In this way, Ru0026D and production costs can be greatly optimized, while the superb quality of the products is also guaranteed, so that the products are in an advantageous position in the market competition.  Direction 2: Aluminum profile seamless bending front frame   The industry continues to develop, technology continues to advance, and user experience continues to improve. Konka Easy TVslim8800 series carries the needs of narrower and thinner user experience, and uses the domestic original metal aluminum profile seamless bending process to create a dream model that combines new technology with user experience. Non-marking bending process, that is, after the aluminum profile is formed and bent, there is no bending gap between the front and side of the frame. The non-marking bending process used by the Yi TVslim 8800 has absorbed the sweat of the research and development team, and the frame is made to the extreme 7.8mm, and the thinnest part of the body is 12.8mm. In addition, the non-marking bending of the front shell assembly process is more advanced, and the labor cost and loss are lower than in the past.   Fourth, the use of aluminum profiles in the base         With the evolution of ultra-narrow and ultra-thin TVs, the base aside from the awkward plastic shape of the past, light and strong support base has become the finishing touch of TV design.   In 2013, SONY took the lead in launching a small-size modular all-in-one machine, equipped with a low-cost aluminum profile bending base, and optimized the combination of process and cost through clever design. In the follow-up, a number of large cross-section aluminum profile double-leg bases were successively launched, setting off a trend of new base materials.  Direction 1: Aluminum profile bending base   SONYW650A base is a small cross-section aluminum profile that is bent out of the designed shape through a tool, and the surface is simply sandblasted and oxidized, and then connected to the TV through an adapter bracket. This base has a simple and generous design and low cost, which is a good application model in the industry.  Direction 2: Large cross-section aluminum profile two-leg base    SONYW850B's two-leg base is also original. It uses a large cross-section aluminum profile to stretch, and then performs cutting, polishing, local CNC and subsequent oxidation processing. The advantages are obvious: ①The adapter bracket and the base are integrally formed, which saves the assembly process and increases the production capacity; ②The size is small and the cost is advantageous; ③The stability is better with large-size models.
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