There is huge room for standardization of aluminum profile manufacturers

by:Zeyi     2021-06-18
At present, 80% of domestic door and window companies have their own complete sets of aluminum profile product processing centers, and many powerful companies have invested heavily in introducing advanced European aluminum profile production equipment, so that the quality of aluminum profile products in my country can catch up with the international level. Adhere to the establishment of strict standards, and at the same time vigorously develop production that promotes industry standardization. The aluminum door and window products are sold well both at home and abroad, filling a big gap in the country in the past.   At present, the continuous emergence of global environmental pollution crises has led to the occurrence of various diseases. Everyone’s environmental awareness is constantly increasing, and the world is vigorously promoting green buildings. With the continuous improvement of modern people’s living standards, the requirements for quality of life have also risen from the original material level of food and clothing to the spiritual level. The first manifestation is the continuous improvement of the living environment and the quality of aluminum alloy doors and windows at home. There are also higher requirements. Real estate developers, architects, and engineers are constantly improving the quality of buildings accordingly to cater to people’s high-quality quality of life. Therefore, high-quality aluminum doors and windows are extremely powerful. Market vitality. As the leading leader in building energy consumption, the aluminum alloy door and window industry has the responsibility and obligation to lead the development of energy-saving green buildings in a healthy and orderly direction. Only by reasonably increasing the environmental standardization of aluminum profiles, implementing corporate standardization, and scientifically reducing production energy Only by reducing energy consumption can aluminum alloy doors and windows surpass all obstacles on the road of green buildings and open up a new bright road.
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