Things to pay attention to when buying industrial aluminum

by:Zeyi     2022-01-09
How to select the aluminum.com/industrial-aluminum-profile.html' target='_blank'>industrial aluminum profile profile frame? What are the precautions when buying industrial aluminum profiles? Whether you are a purchaser or a company owner, you often encounter such problems. Especially for customers who have just come into contact with aluminum profiles, it is necessary to not only meet the needs of use, but also reduce costs, and also to increase the added value of products with the help of aluminum profiles. . . . Below, we first summarize the characteristics of industrial aluminum profiles. The selection of industrial aluminum profile mainly considers its hardness, workability, weldability, strength, corrosion resistance and other factors. How to buy industrial aluminum profiles? Aluminum profile hardness:    Many customers are very concerned when buying aluminum profiles. The hardness of aluminum profiles is directly related to the chemical composition of the alloy. Secondly, different conditions also have a greater impact. From the perspective of the highest hardness that can be achieved, the 7 series, the 2 series, the 4 series, the 6 series, the 5 series, the 3 series, and the 1 series decrease in order. Aluminum profile machinability:     aluminum profile machinability includes: formability and cutting performance. Because the formability is related to the state, after selecting the aluminum alloy grades, the strength range of various states must be considered. Generally, high-strength aluminum profiles are not easy to form. Secondly, it is necessary to bend, stretch, and deep-draw the aluminum material. The formability of the material in the annealed state is the best. On the contrary, the formability of the material in the heat-treated state is the worst. Aluminum profile weldability:     There is no problem with the weldability of most aluminum alloy profiles, especially some 5 series aluminum alloy profiles, which are specially designed for welding considerations. Relatively speaking, some 2 series and 7 series aluminum alloy profiles are better Difficult to solder.    In addition, strength is an important factor that must be considered during product design. Secondly, when aluminum profile components are used as components, appropriate aluminum alloy profiles should be selected according to the pressure they are subjected to. Pure aluminum has the lowest strength, while the 2 series and 7 series heat-treated aluminum alloys have the highest strength. There is a certain correlation between hardness and strength. Also pay attention to corrosion resistance.   Now that the development direction of industrial aluminum profiles is gradually being used by enterprises and factories, what should I pay attention to when purchasing industrial aluminum profiles? 1. The application of industrial aluminum profiles is destined for the selection of aluminum profiles.    aluminum frame? Aluminum profile instrument protective cover? Aluminum profile tooling? Aluminum profile fence? Aluminum profile workbench. . . . . . Different products have different positioning of aluminum profiles, so first choose what products you want to complete using aluminum profiles. 2. The load of industrial aluminum profile profiles determines the selection of aluminum profiles.   After the aluminum profile product is completed, what is the load to be achieved? What is the force per square? Please evaluate the load value of the aluminum profile based on the usual work site and use.    According to the above 2 points, you can find a professional aluminum profile manufacturer to help you complete the design of aluminum profile products. ————The article comes from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete it.
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