This is the reason for the poor adhesion of electroplated coatings!

by:Zeyi     2022-01-11
Metal products in the natural state are not used very high, and they are easy to cause metal loss. Therefore, the conventional method is to carry out the necessary protective treatment on the metal surface to realize that the metal coating can effectively meet the product appearance, texture, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, etc. Many aspects of performance, among which electroplating is a commonly used metal surface treatment technology, and it is also a widely used one at present. In the production process of electroplating process, such as nickel-iron coating, aluminum-silver coating, iron-tin coating, etc., many manufacturers will encounter a common problem during the construction process: the adhesion of the coating is not good. The main reasons for the lack of adhesion of the coating are as follows. Poor pre-treatment When we electroplated the object, the silver-plated surface of the object may not be cleaned, the surface may have dust, or there may be other chemical substances on the surface of the object. As a result, the adhesion of the coating is affected during electroplating. Countless practices have proved that if there are non-metallic substances such as oil stains or rust on the metal surface, although sometimes the plating layer can also be deposited, the smoothness, bonding force, and corrosion resistance of the plating layer will be affected due to the oily 'interlayer, Loose, and even peeling of the coating, which will lose the actual use value. Therefore, pre-treatment becomes an important process operation when performing metal plating. The pre-treatment surface technology adopts the two-in-one technology of degreasing and rust removal. By adopting a unique formula, on the one hand, the degreasing and rust removal are carried out simultaneously. Four processes. On the other hand, more than 80% of the food-grade chemical raw materials are used in the raw materials, which can be repeatedly added and recycled, which saves time, effort and money. Therefore, the use of this technology for pretreatment will not produce acid mist, which is beneficial to environmental protection, labor protection and production equipment maintenance, and can reduce the consumption of raw materials, and is safe to use. The product is non-flammable, non-explosive, non-toxic, tasteless, and harmful to the human body. Also harmless. It can be widely used in the pretreatment of metals and some non-metals in coating, electroplating, electroless plating, anti-rust storage, surface modification, surface film conversion and other processes. Electroplating chemical factors In electroplating production, due to various reasons, various harmful impurities enter the electroplating bath. There are many types of impurities, roughly including metal impurities, metal oxides, non-metal impurities, various insoluble suspended solids, and organic impurities. The types of impurities contained in various plating solutions are not the same, and the tolerance for the same impurity is also different. When one or several harmful impurities accumulate to a certain extent, it will affect the performance of the plating solution and the quality of the coating. Therefore, it is not necessary to wait for the accumulation of impurities to cause harm before processing the plating solution. Process conditions control factors Process conditions control directly affect the quality of the electroplated layer. Only by mastering and controlling the process conditions of each plating species can we obtain high-quality plating. Process conditions such as temperature, current density, pH value, and plating time must be matched. For example, when hard chromium plating, the temperature and current density are not properly matched, which will have a great impact on the cathode current efficiency, dispersion ability, coating hardness and brightness of the chromium plating solution. Design factors Product designers often only pay attention to the shape, size, machining accuracy and other factors of the product parts in the drawing design process of the parts. They don't think much about the processing technology of the parts, especially the electroplating process, which brings a lot of unnecessary to the electroplating work. The trouble, but also has a certain impact on the quality of the product. Factors of production schedule Since the processing procedures of many parts need to be transferred to multiple workshops, electroplating is always an unfinished process. Often the parts have not reached the electroplating workshop, and the assembly workshop has already waited for the parts to be assembled. This situation causes the construction period to be too tight, and it is often continuous shifts to catch up with the construction period. It is easy to cause the electroplating time to not meet the process requirements, or the working light at night is not clear, thereby affecting the electroplating quality.
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