Three Difficulties in Mold Opening of Aluminum Profiles

by:Zeyi     2021-10-19
As an industrial material consumed by extrusion process, aluminum.com/products.html' target='_blank'>aluminum profiles will also have some difficulties when designing mold openings, which will test the strength and craftsmanship of the factory. The first difficulty is the tolerance. The higher the dimensional tolerance, the more difficult the profile is. The higher, such as the 0.2 tolerance of the normal national standard high-precision level, if the tolerance is improved to 0.1, the difficulty can be more than doubled. The second difficulty: lies in the cavity. The more cavities, the denser and the smaller the profile, then The foreman of the mold is easily broken during extrusion, the profile breaks before a few molds are made, and the mold has been pasted before the money is made. The complex multi-cavity mold dares to open it. The level of the manufacturer. The difficulty of the mold is not necessarily great. Some large molds weigh 5 or 6 tons. The difficulty is not high. They only require large-tonnage press machines. The aluminum factory assumes that they can’t do it without the corresponding machine. It does not matter. The third difficulty lies in the wall thickness. Presses of different sizes and profile structures will have different effects on the wall thickness of the profile. For example, on a 500-ton press, the wall thickness may be 0.5 and it can be opened at 5000 tons. It's impossible. In addition, if the adjacent wall thickness assumptions are quite different, it is also a big test for the manufacturer to open the mold.
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