Three elements for the production of heat preservation and energy saving aluminum alloy doors

by:Zeyi     2021-09-25
Doors and windows are the soul windows of buildings, and the thermal energy loss of industrial aluminum profile doors and windows accounts for more than 40% of the entire building. There are three ways for heat loss of doors and windows outside buildings:   1, heat conduction loss through aluminum alloy profiles;   2, radiant heat loss through glass;   3, air convection heat loss through gaps in doors and windows.   Therefore, the production of thermal insulation and energy-saving aluminum alloy doors and windows should also be considered from these three aspects.   1. Aluminum alloy profile: Aluminum alloy material is a good conductor of heat, and most of its thermal conductivity is relatively high. To make thermal insulation glass, it is necessary to choose a profile with thermal insulation and broken bridge treatment. profile is the path that cuts off the heat conduction of the profile to achieve the purpose of heat preservation and heat insulation. 2. Glass: Insulating glass is required for thermal insulation doors and windows, because the cavity between the hollow glass is filled with dry, industrial aluminum profile profile still air, which greatly reduces the thermal conductivity, so the insulating glass has excellent heat insulation and sound insulation And anti-frost, condensation, the glass thickness of commonly used insulating glass is 5~6mm, the common cavity thickness is 9mm, 12mm. 3. Sealing material APS: The sealant used for thermal insulation doors and windows should be weather-resistant glue, and the sealing strips should be neoprene products with excellent ozone corrosion resistance and UV aging resistance. The opening and overlapping parts of the door and window sashes should be set at more than three times. seal.
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