Three elements to strengthen the quality management of aluminum production and processing

by:Zeyi     2021-09-29
It is very important to strengthen the quality management of aluminum profile production and processing. Doing a good job of the following three elements is of positive significance to the development of aluminum profile manufacturers:    1. Differentiating product categories, adopting different standards to organize the production of architectural aluminum alloy profiles has a greater proportion of aluminum profile products Some manufacturers ignore the use of profiles. The first choice when placing an order is to indicate that the acceptance requirement is GB5237. Many non-construction aluminum alloy profiles are mistakenly classified as architectural profiles, causing unnecessary trouble. The correct approach is that when the business department receives a customer order, it must clarify whether it is used for construction. The production of construction materials shall comply with the GB5237 'Aluminum Alloy Construction Profiles' series of standards, and the non-construction aluminum alloy decorative profiles shall correspond to the use of GB/T26014-2010 'Non-construction 'Aluminum Alloy Decorative Profiles for Construction. 2. Strengthen training for distributors. Distributors are an important bridge connecting production companies and end customers, identify customer needs, answer customer questions, and guide the healthy and orderly development of the market. In a sense, distributors can be regarded as market-oriented standards. . The uneven quality of distributors severely restricts the smooth implementation of business strategies. Some distributors have low cultural quality, backward management awareness, lack of understanding of standards and market supervision and spot checks and appropriate response measures, and cannot effectively cooperate with enterprises in comprehensive market operations, which has become an important obstacle to rapid development of enterprises.  Enterprises strengthen the training of dealers, focusing on product categories, implementation standards, control of non-conforming products, and market supervision and spot check handling guidelines. Make it clear to distributors what kind of products they are selling, which standards are implemented, and whether they are selling qualified products. Continuously improve the quality awareness of distributors.  3. Ensure the smooth flow of information communication channels with dealers.    Enterprises establish information communication channels with dealers to ensure smooth information flow and communication, timely control and restrain dealers’ legal operations, and prevent illegal, violent and anti-law and other vicious incidents in the bud. Article 69 of the 'Product Quality Law of the People's Republic of China' stipulates that if the staff of the product quality supervision department or the administrative department for industry and commerce are obstructed by violence or threats from performing their duties in accordance with the law, they shall be investigated for criminal responsibility in accordance with the law; refuse or obstruct the use of violence or threats If the method is adopted, the public security organ shall impose penalties in accordance with the provisions of the Public Security Administration Penalty Regulations. Enterprises should strengthen dealer area management, clarify the special line service system for dealers, and ensure that when customers encounter problems, they can get patient, professional, and meticulous handling suggestions from enterprise service personnel in the first time, so as to prevent dealers from being uncomfortable. Under the circumstances, unsuitable treatment measures will be taken to jeopardize the company’s product brand.
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