Three major standardizations that Chinese aluminum doors must meet standards

by:Zeyi     2021-12-21
The development of China's aluminum door industry has developed from domestic workshops to small-scale semi-industrial customization, and then entered the stage of large-scale integrated industrial production. In the process, custom aluminum doors and standardized aluminum doors were also derived. Today, we will discuss the three main standards of aluminum doors. Process standardization and fully automatic production can realize new applications of new technologies and new processes. For example, varnish technology can form various aluminum facade decoration effects through surface forming technology, such as gloss paint, light and dark aluminum door paint, synchronous real aluminum door opening paint, zigzag, etc. The technically painted surface reduces the use of paint, keeps household aluminum doors away from benzene, VOC and other harmful substances to the greatest extent, and completely avoids common quality defects such as paint cracking and swelling. Packaging standardized packaging is a link that many companies ignore. From outer packaging to specially designed small details, specific packaging is used for different types of aluminum doors. Provide corner protection, edge protection and moisture protection. Ensure that the aluminum door from the factory to the customer's house is safe and harmless, free from long-distance bumps and natural factors. Anti-counterfeiting standardization At present, the domestic aluminum door market is still in the development stage, and many standards have not yet been formed. Some small manufacturers often use inferior products to make a profit. You even run the risk of imitating 'counterfeit products' produced by ordinary manufacturers. Therefore, the use of anti-counterfeiting 'identity cards' to ensure that all aluminum doors purchased by consumers can be verified.
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