Three minefields behind the hot all-aluminum furniture

by:Zeyi     2021-09-23
Aluminum alloy furniture has a deeper development space in the application of the entire home furnishing space. Whether it is from the perspective of environmental protection or from the purpose of reducing capacity in the aluminum production industry, the emergence of all-aluminum furniture has given many people in the industry see hope. Compared with solid wood furniture, the biggest feature of aluminum alloy furniture is environmental protection, but the development of all walks of life will not be smooth sailing, all aluminum furniture is no exception, more will experience the baptism of the market, from immature to mature stage development .  So, what minefields should be avoided in the future development of all-aluminum furniture?  Minefield 1: Lack of industry norms and standards   The lack of industry norms and standards will lead to a series of problems. For example, at the beginning of the industry, it is very important to establish normative standards for the market, products, manufacturers and consumers. The establishment of high-standard standards is conducive to guiding healthy competition in the market, improving product quality, accelerating technological innovation in the industry, and leading the healthy, sustained and rapid development of the industry. In the current development of solid wood furniture, a set of industry standards including design technology, product standards, procurement technology, process technology, acceptance and test method technology has been formed. The standards include log processing, ingredient processing, and product slices and stickers. There are clear regulations on the processing requirements of products such as processing. Therefore, drawing on the development experience of solid wood furniture, the formulation and perfection of industry standards is extremely important for the development of all-aluminum furniture. A series of issues such as the quality ruling of all-aluminum furniture aluminum materials, the grading and scalar of the processing level, and the subsequent maintenance and recycling services need to be measured at the standard level.   Minefield 2: Products tend to be homogenized. One of the manifestations of products in the market tends to be homogenous is product plagiarism. I believe that whether it is the current solid wood furniture industry or the door and window market, the problem of plagiarism between products is more serious. In addition to the lack of industry standards and specifications mentioned above, another very important reason for this problem is that in the early stage of the market, driven by profit value, manufacturers lack a sense of innovation to promote productivity. This problem is particularly prominent in some small and medium-sized enterprises. For small and medium-sized manufacturers in the market, the time and cost required to invest in each new product development is very huge, with certain market risks, and the sales prospects may not be optimistic. Therefore, the healthy development of all-aluminum furniture is inseparable from the cultivation of product innovation awareness. Innovation ability is a test of the manufacturer's comprehensive strength and is also one of the necessary factors for whether the product can be favored by consumers.   Minefield 3: The low added value of the product   Generally, when consumers choose furniture products, the first factor they will consider is the brand, and the second is the price. Here, the editor of Jiajie Aluminum believes that the brand represents the level of added value of the product. From the consumer's point of view, in addition to the application of furniture materials, design sense, and functional practicability, the level of after-sales service is also a key point of concern for consumers. From the perspective of enterprises, in the future, it will be extremely competitive to solve some pain points in life for consumers and provide consumers with more valuable furniture products. The early doors and windows changed from system doors and windows, and solid wood furniture from customized furniture, which confirmed the high value-added development direction of the product. Similarly, all-aluminum furniture is no exception. In the future, all-aluminum furniture will show us not only the connotation of furniture customization and personalization. Combined with the development of the times, it will also show us a very intelligent and intelligent The era of humanized big home.
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