To achieve the high-quality development of the aluminum industry, basic research and technical reserves must keep up

by:Zeyi     2021-05-13
'The homogeneity of aluminum processing products and low-price competition are still serious. Some high-end aluminum materials still rely on imports. The localization rate of C919 large aircraft aluminum materials is less than 30%.' In the recent China (Baise) International Aluminum At the Industry High-Quality Development Forum, Tian Yong, vice president of Aluminum Corporation of China, said that to promote the high-quality development of the aluminum industry, technological innovation is still inseparable.   In 2018, the national comprehensive output of aluminum processing was nearly 40 million tons, an increase of nearly 4% over the previous year. 'But the realized profit has dropped by more than 40% compared with the previous year.' Tian Yong said. Wen Jun, vice chairman of the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association and professor-level senior engineer, believes that my country’s aluminum industry has established a complete industrial system, the ceiling of electrolytic aluminum production capacity has been formed, and aluminum consumption has entered a low-speed growth stage and will enter the consumption platform. period. 'With the structural contradictions that still exist in the aluminum industry, the supply-side structural reforms still have a long way to go. The aluminum industry has reached a critical period where it must take the road of high-quality development.' Ge Changchun, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences who has long been engaged in materials science research, said that new materials technology is The guarantee of product quality upgrading in the material industry and the premise of the industrial foundation are the foundation for the development of the aluminum alloy industry. He believes that “the development of China’s aluminum alloy industry focuses on components, complete machines, large-scale projects, and light materials; only when problems arise, do we realize the importance of appropriately leading the Ru0026D and application of aluminum alloys. And enterprises, scientific research Institutes and universities lack long-term and stable support and patience for basic research and application research of aluminum alloys.' '   'If you don't fundamentally establish a correct view of development that integrates aluminum alloy research and industry closely, you will still have a headache So it’s possible to make up for the shortcomings of “stuck neck” today, and there will be more bottlenecks in aluminum alloy materials tomorrow.” Ge Changchun said, to strengthen the aluminum industry’s Ru0026D and innovation, and promote High-quality industrial development.   Qiu Xiaoping, vice chairman of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, also believes that technological innovation has a multiplier effect. The implementation of innovation-driven development of the aluminum industry can comprehensively improve the quality and efficiency of the industry and promote the transformation of the development mode of the aluminum industry.  The aluminum industry is one of the traditional pillar industries in Guangxi. The high-end aluminum alloy and other materials developed and produced by Guangxi Nannan Aluminum Processing Co., Ltd. have been successfully used in many fields such as launch vehicles, large airplanes, and high-speed trains. Photo courtesy of the Organization Department of the Nanning Municipal Party Committee    John, the Chief Executive Officer of the British Commodity Research Institute (CRU) China. Johnson predicts that in 2020, as the automotive industry begins to recover, the aluminum industry will show signs of return. In the future, from the perspective of the global aluminum industry, the growth rate will stabilize at about 3%. 'As an important supporting industry for China's manufacturing industry, the aluminum industry has entered a period of strategic opportunities and a key window of kinetic energy conversion.' said Chang Guowu, deputy director of the Department of Raw Materials Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Under the situation of saturation, it is necessary to implement the “Belt and Road” strategy to go out and open cooperation; establish an aluminum processing research platform, increase technological reform and innovation, and develop high-precision products; expand the scope of aluminum applications and replace steel with aluminum. Aluminum saves wood, saves copper with aluminum, and focuses on expanding aluminum applications in transportation, building structure, and power. Information source: Science and Technology Daily Image source: Internet
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