Treatment process before spraying of aluminum alloy profile

by:Zeyi     2021-11-01
The treatment process of aluminum alloy profile before spraying: the workpiece hangs → acid etching degreasing → water washing → water washing → chromate conversion treatment → water washing → pure water washing → drainage → drying → spraying → curing. The aluminum profile spraying pretreatment production line is divided into automatic spraying vertical line and intermittent full immersion horizontal line. The vertical line is suitable for large-volume, simple-shaped workpieces, with high production efficiency and stable processing quality, but the disadvantage is that the equipment is complex and the investment is large; the horizontal line is suitable for complex-shaped workpieces with low investment and wide application, but the disadvantage is slow processing speed. Low production efficiency. Acid etching degreasing process formula and parameters: sulfuric acid (97%), 30g/l-50g/l; ammonium bifluoride 3G/l-8g/l; citric acid 2G/l-4g/l; sodium nitrate 1g/l-3G/ l; iron sulfate 0.5g/l-1.5g/l; dipropylene glycol 1g/l-2G/l; degreasing agent 0.1g/l-0.5g/l; temperature 5℃-40℃; time, immersion 3min-5min, Spraying 1min-3min; spraying pressure 0.1mpa-0.2mpa.
Windproof and rainproof performance of aluminum alloy doors and windows
Windproof and rainproof performance of aluminum alloy doors and windows When heavy rain hits, strong wind and rain will have a greater impact on household doors and windows. Strong and well-sealed doors and windows are an effective way to resist rainstorms. 1. Windproof performance of doors and windows Windproof performance is an important feature of doors and windows, especially for high-rise residential windows. In fact, wind resistance mainly depends on the contours of doors and windows. Green belt gold doors and windows are made of titanium-magnesium-aluminum alloy. They have good strength and stiffness indicators. In the face of heavy rain and strong wind, they can protect the house from wind and rain. 2. Water tightness of doors and windows The water tightness of doors and windows is to choose the pharmacy of doors and windows. Good water tightness can make doors and windows face heavy rain, effectively prevent outdoor rainwater from entering, and keep indoors dry. Generally, doors and windows with good water tightness are equipped with hollow glass, that is, hollow glass is installed between the hollow glass, and a desiccant that can absorb water vapor is installed to prevent water vapor from entering. 3. Air tightness of doors and windows The air tightness of doors and windows is also air tight. Plastic-steel heat-insulating windows are a kind of better airtightness. Using double or even three layers of vacuum Lpw-E glass, plus double-layer rubber sealing strips, the doors and windows are kept warm and windproof. In addition, the method of opening windows has a greater impact on the air tightness of doors and windows. By comparing various window opening methods on the market, it is found that the air tightness of casement windows is better.
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